Collaboration Fluency-Tundra


My job in this project was to find facts and information about each biome chosen by my teammates. We all came together, talked about our strengths and found reasonable and even jobs for each of us to do. We split each projects into four jobs..

1) Information


3)pictures and layout


To do my job I did some research to find out statistical facts and information about the biomes. I had to find out what the weather was like, temperatures, species, etc. To do so I asked Google some questions. I asked..

a) what is the temperatures in (biome)?

b) what is plant and animal life like in this biome?

c) would you be able to live in these temperatures?

d) what kind of life lives in these biomes?

e) any extra facts?

These questions helped me to thoroughly contribute my facts to each sway. Overall I found this project great because I got to learn about 3 other biomes rather than just my own. I liked this project becuase we all got to work together to create 4 different great projects. We all gave each other constructive criticism to make our projects better. In the future I would like to use collaboration fluency to make more amazing projects.