Get to know me


My summer turned out to be more than just laying in bed with my soft blankets and the impacting sound of my TV. It turned out different than I expected. I think my favourite moment of my summer was when I found out I was on the BC summer games for soccer. The look on my face as my lips spread back into a big bright smile, and my eyes opening wide. I find it kind of crazy how three little words could impact my summer so much. Once I made the team I was kicking the wet ball on the dewy morning grass three times a week. As I was preparing for the big games I wanted to make the most of my summer so I tried to hang out with friends as much as possible. I went on three vacations all requiring my car tires to hit the pavement for 4 hours at a time. I went to this cute little town called Tulameen. As we arrived into to town you knew you were in Tulameen by the slowly decaying buildings and the country vibe. I went there with two friends who made me cry of laughter. As the tears of joy and laughter crawl out of my eyes and start to roll down the side of my cheek I realize how much fun this summer is going to be! We practically turn into fish when we were at the cabin. We were always in the water doing front and back flips splashing the ice cold water at each other. We wanted to go some where else other than the lake so we went to this hidden beauty in the trees. It was a mini waterfall that turned into a stream with a strong current. There was a old but strong rope hanging all alone in the middle of the bright green creek water. We saw the opportunity to swim and took that chance when we had it. That moment my feet touched the water chills spread from my toes to the tip of my nose.. The temperature of the water scared us a bit but we didn’t let it stop us. We leaped into the cold water and reached for that rope like it was a star. Holding on with our life we had the biggest smile on our faces as the fear started to subside into laughter. We visited that creek many times after that. I was sad that I had to come home but I missed my comfy bed and it was time. It was also time to prepare for the intense games. The minuets and seconds went by until I was at the games on the bus heading to the field. The rush at the opening ceremonies was like no other. The feeling when I stepped foot into the arena was amazing. It was like I was five years old again and it was Christmas morning. Our games began with our first game against the mighty kootneys. The feeling of the bright orange colour of our jersey on my back representing my zone was great. I laced my cleats up and slid in my shin pads as I was talking to my team mates. We battled until the last whistle the referee blew to end the game. We sent the kootney team back home when we won 8-0. More games came and gone and by a blink of an eye the games were done. I was in the car heading home again and the slightest bit of sadness creeped into my body. The rest of my summer consisted of laughter and smiles after that one day. The feeling of being so comfy around the fire roasting marshmallows with all of my friends, Sleeping in till noon, having family barbecues till the sun went down was a great feeling. It was a great way end to my summer and a good way to start the school year.. So yes my summer was much better than I expected and I’m looking forward to next summer.