Science App Review

Science App Review/COL digital learning-Science 9/Jane Mackinnon – October 19, 2016


Problem: I have a test coming up and it includes knowing the periodic table elements and more. I don’t want to make paper flash cards because then I will have a million flash cards and that will waste paper and take a lot of time. Basically I am looking for a way to make digital flashcards and have them easy to access without wasting paper.

Solutions: Since I already use my device for school I would like see if I can find and app or a website that can help me study for my test using flashcards and more.

The app: the app I found that will help me with my problem is called chemistry pro.

Using the app: In the app I found many useful components to help me study. There are videos that I can access and watch. There are also a whole bunch of flashcards sets for me to use. Another useful component it has is that I can access tools such as the periodic table, measurement systems/converters, a calculator, and worksheets.

Debrief: I think the quality of the app is pretty great and the process to get and use this app is pretty simple. The app isn’t complicated either; it’s straightforward with labels well shown. I think the app I found is very useful. I think I could have found a more fun app that could be a fun way of studying but I think this app is very well planned out.

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  1. How does the app help users build skills or learn content?

The app helps users build skills and learn content by giving multiple ways of studying/learning. They basically provide a teacher to you as well with all the videos they offer. It also helps with memorizing the elements and different parts of

  1. How intuitive is the app? Is it self-explanatory or does it take a long time to figure out?

The app is labeled quite clearly and at first was very easy to figure out. All of the tools are accessible by first touch. It is self explanatory and well organized. I like the app a lot because of its simplicity.

  1. What innovative elements does this app utilize?

The innovative elements that this app utilizes are that it has multiple resources for students and teachers to access. It also updates itself if there are any changes in the chemistry side of science. It is also easy to play around. For example on the periodic table it is touch screen so you can tap on the element and all of the information comes up plus additional tools. This app also utilizes uploading videos, and making flashcards on its own.