My chemical report

What is it?

Copper (||) Cholrine.

What is the chemical formula?


Who makes it?

New horizons scientific company.

Where does it come from?

Well copper comes from minerals (rocks and such). Copper also comes from an object called a chalcopyrite. It also comes from bornite. The actuall whole chemical comes from these rare minerals called tolbachite and eriochalcite.

What does it do?

Copper chlorine splits steam and completes a cycle recovering to the electrolysis copper chloride (in more detail below)

What is it used for?

Copper chlorine is used for different types of cycles such as splitting steam into two different particles and what not. It is also used in cases such as synthesis.

Why would you use it?

Copper chloride can be used for many experiments that can vary. I’m not going to name them. It can also be used in minerals (where it comes from)

How do they make it?

You can make copper (||) chloride by combining certain chemicals such as…

Adding sodium chloride to copper sulfate

Combining copper oxide or copper carbonate to hydrochloric acid

also by adding certain elements of chlorine to elements of copper.

What WHMIS symbol does it have?

Corrosive: can cause deadly burns the skin, eyes, and other objects/substances.

What safety percautions does it have?

wash eyes out for 15 mins with cold water if gets  into eyes

wash skin with soap and water for 15 mins and remove clothes if gets on skin/clothes

if ingested: call poison control and drink cold water and 1 cup of water or milk.

If inhaled: bring victim to fresh air.image image