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Agar Diffusion Lab

  Hypothesis: Because of smaller cells having less volume and surface area, higher diffusion rates will be found in them.  Data Table     In terms of maximizing diffusion, what was the most effective size cube that you tested? Our… Continue Reading →

Protein Synthesis Translation and Transcrption

Transcription 1) How is mRNA different than DNA? – DNA has a sugar named deoxyribose, mRNA has a sugar named sugar-ribose, DNA has a unique base of thymine when mRNA has a unique base of uracil, the structure of DNA… Continue Reading →

DNA and Protein Synthesis

DNA 1) explain the structure of DNA- use the terms nucleotides, antiparallel strands, and complimentary base pairing – DNA is a large polymer that is constructed of nucleotide monomers.  DNA, also known as deoxyribonucleic acid, consists of two backbones that… Continue Reading →

Positive Effects of Technology

Jamie Purdy English 12 Mr. Barrington Is Technology Good or Bad? The advancement of technology over the past few decades has enabled people to use it in positive ways. Education and teaching, medical research, communication and businesses have all benefitted… Continue Reading →

Words to Live By

I relate to these words on a very high level. Stressing about stuff can really take over, and can create a sense of anxiety that runs through you. These words talk about not needing a plan, and just waiting to… Continue Reading →

Are You Ready for Parenthood?

AreYouReadyForParenthood final-xs15dh

My Lifes Experience

My Lifes Experiences

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Nuclear Energy

Jamie Purdy Nuclear energy Nuclear power is currently one of the most environmentally safe power resources. It produces less greenhouse gasses during the production of energy, and compared to traditional sources like coal and power plants it is much friendlier… Continue Reading →

Light is Magic

​ This video uses polarized light waves to create its trick. Light travels in waves through an electromagnetic wave, which is a transvers wave, that has both electric and magnetic components. Lamps and candle flames are examples of unpolarized light… Continue Reading →

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