All about Jamie Purdy


Success is archived by developing our strengths, not my limiting our weaknesses
-Marilyn vos Savant     


 This YouTube video is very inspiring. I really enjoy going on runs, not just to get fit, but to see the world in a different perspective. When I wanted to get into running I was having a really hard time physically taking the time to go on runs. This video inspired me to push harder, and keep on trying to get further and further.

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This picture is powerful to me because it was one of my favourite places to visit. This picture was taken on my trip to Vancouver Island with a really close friend. It was my first time seeing the island and its beauty.

I enjoy the website Netflix. When I am bored I go to Netflix straight away.



My birthday is March 12, 2001. On March 12 in 1879 the British war Zulu began. In 1894 on my birthday Coca-Cola was sold in  bottles for the first time. I have the same birthday as Cristina Grimmie who was on the voice.