Workplace Safety

To keep me safe at the workplace I will:

1, make sure that I will ask the Boss or other experienced workers how to do my job specifically and safely. If I need to use the instrument or a certain facility I also need to ask first how to use it safely.

2, At the very beginning, I am supposed to check whether the environment around me is safe enough for me to work and are there anything that can cause hazards.

3, Always keep an eye on what I am doing.

In order to keep others safe I will:

1, Tell them one thing they need to do first before they get to work is that they need to ask someone who know or can teach them how to work safely .

2 , I will be alert and stay sharp just in case if someone is about to do something dangerous.

The story of Matthew  resonates the most with you because after I saw what specifically happened on him, it really scared me , it’s horrible, he was 19 years old a restaurant cook, and when his employer told him to do a unsafe job, he did it, he walked on a wet floor which his friend just cleaned it a few moments ago before he did his job . Then he fall over himself  and the high temperature oils pour out on his body, his body was burnt badly. In the video he said he has no vocabulary to describe, only thing he said was it hurt so so so badly, he emphasized for so many time. What I learned from that accident is that we should really care about the environment around the workplace and we can refuse the unsafe work.

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