A Teacher’s Responsibility

A Teacher’s Responsibility

In the short story “Long, long after school” Ms. Trethway was a grade 3 teacher and must’ve taught Wes when he was in grade 3, after her passing away, Wes had strong feelings for her. Even though Wes didn’t go to Ms. Trethway’s funeral, he came after with a bunch of simple flowers, “he didn’t go to her funeral. But he sent her flowers of his own. Or brought them, rather.” (Pg. 1). The short story “A teachers reward” is about how a boy named raybe was criticized by the kids at his school and got punished by his teacher, Miss Scolfield, and eventually visits his teacher after he’s all grown up.

Wes was always criticized by kids his own age growing up, he was known as “the character” of town, because he was the only coloured kid in the school. Even though Wes was criticized for the colour of his skin by the kids at school, he was still a good kid and had someone to relate to, that person he related to was his 3rd grade teacher miss trethway. Miss Trethway was known as the old lady in the town and was a minority of her own because of her age. These to characters were different types of minority’s but could still relate to each other from the criticism. After miss Trethway passed away from old age, Wes was shook and skipped her funeral. After her funeral Wes wanted to have personal time with Miss Trethway in her grave by giving her “a corsage of simple flowers” because he connected with her and wanted to have private time with her.

When Raybe was in third grade, he was known as a bad kid and made bad decisions. His third grade teacher Miss Scolfield would always “rap his knuckles” for discipline in front of the whole class for them to watch. Since Raybe had a reputation of being a troubled kid, he would always be blamed for doing graffiti on the walls in class and any thing that would be against the rules. Raybe would be the only kid who would get punished, and eventually he would be punished by the teacher so bad that his hands would start bleeding from Miss Scolfield hitting his hands with a ruler so hard while his hands were on the front desk. Raybe didn’t have people to support him or lead to a good path to life because he lived only with his aunt who couldn’t provide a lot for Raybe and Miss Scolfield would make his life worse from all of these punishments. Miss Scolfield thought that it was a strategy for making a kid more discipline by wrapping Raybe’s hands all the time but it only made it worse for Raybe.

After Miss Scolfield dealing with Raybe in class, once he got older, maybe in his middle age, he visited her house. When Raybe got to her house she didn’t recognize him until he started getting aggressive when he started to confront her of the beatings, and told he’s been to jail and blamed it on Miss Scolfield for making him a bad person. The short stories name “The teachers reward” is an ironic title because the reward is when raybe is all grown up and visits Miss Scolfield when she’s old and retired and scares her and told her to put her hands on a table, after that raybe grabbed a hammer and raised the hammer, the story ended before the readers could’ve known what would have happened but people don’t know exactly what happened. Maybe Raybe raised raised the hammer and just threatened to punish her, or maybe he actually hit her hands with the hammer.

Theres a lot of responsibilities as a teacher, taking care of the kids, making sure they’re okay, giving them education and comforting them. Teacher’s can define there students personalities sometimes on how much they affected their lives. Even though Wes was criticized as a kid he still turned out good because Miss Trethway comforted him and made sure he felt welcome. But Raybe turned out to be not a good person because in his life he didn’t have people to guide him in the right direction to a good path to life. Miss Scolfield could’ve been a good example for Raybe and could’ve been a role model and led him on a good path but she always criticized him and would “wrap his wrists” all the time for stuff he didn’t do.