The police officer – English 12

James Douma

The police officer

Wealthy, innocent man gets shot by police officer.

The short story “Identities” written by the author W.D. Valgardson is about a wealthy man who was driving into the “north”, or the bad side of his city. The man was getting out of his Mercedes’s Benz and was distracted by a group of people, one woman and three men. The man was so distracted by these people that he didn’t recognize his surroundings as a police officer is following him. The officer thinks that the man stole the Mercedes Benz since he was in a rough part of the city. The man saw the officer and was relieved, but as he reaches into his pocket for his wallet, the police officer shot him thinking the man was pulling out a firearm. The man (protagonist) lives in a wealthy neighbourhood and lives a high class life. He goes through a rough time and decides to leave. Before having contact with the police officer, the man’s appearance had the same details that the police officer was looking for because he was assigned to look for a “man wearing blue jeans and was clean shaven”,which the man had the same details .Is the police officer justified for killing the man. My paragraph shows how the cop is not justified in the short story “identities”. The man was wearing blue jeans and was clean shaven which was what the police officer was told to look for a man who had the same features of a man who stole a car. Before the man was shot, the cop told him to raise his hands but the man didn’t listen and reached straight for his wallet, which made the police officer think that he was pulling out a firearm, which he wasn’t. The man was innocent and was just in a rough part of town which made the “inexperienced police officer” more on edge and suspicious. The police officer was not justified for killing the man, even though the man went straight for his wallet, the police officer should’ve maybe went behind something just in case the man did have a firearm and he needed cover but instead he just shot the innocent man and killed him.