Foods 12 September Lab Reflection

Croissants lab reflection

i chose to reflect on this lab because this was the tastiest lab. It was the best because we put two labs together (Mom’s Apple Pie Jam & croissants) and they tasted very good together. The food turned out perfect and made was very organized with the group while making it. I wouldn’t change anything about the lab except making more croissants because it tasted really good.



A Teacher’s Responsibility

A Teacher’s Responsibility

In the short story “Long, long after school” Ms. Trethway was a grade 3 teacher and must’ve taught Wes when he was in grade 3, after her passing away, Wes had strong feelings for her. Even though Wes didn’t go to Ms. Trethway’s funeral, he came after with a bunch of simple flowers, “he didn’t go to her funeral. But he sent her flowers of his own. Or brought them, rather.” (Pg. 1). The short story “A teachers reward” is about how a boy named raybe was criticized by the kids at his school and got punished by his teacher, Miss Scolfield, and eventually visits his teacher after he’s all grown up.

Wes was always criticized by kids his own age growing up, he was known as “the character” of town, because he was the only coloured kid in the school. Even though Wes was criticized for the colour of his skin by the kids at school, he was still a good kid and had someone to relate to, that person he related to was his 3rd grade teacher miss trethway. Miss Trethway was known as the old lady in the town and was a minority of her own because of her age. These to characters were different types of minority’s but could still relate to each other from the criticism. After miss Trethway passed away from old age, Wes was shook and skipped her funeral. After her funeral Wes wanted to have personal time with Miss Trethway in her grave by giving her “a corsage of simple flowers” because he connected with her and wanted to have private time with her.

When Raybe was in third grade, he was known as a bad kid and made bad decisions. His third grade teacher Miss Scolfield would always “rap his knuckles” for discipline in front of the whole class for them to watch. Since Raybe had a reputation of being a troubled kid, he would always be blamed for doing graffiti on the walls in class and any thing that would be against the rules. Raybe would be the only kid who would get punished, and eventually he would be punished by the teacher so bad that his hands would start bleeding from Miss Scolfield hitting his hands with a ruler so hard while his hands were on the front desk. Raybe didn’t have people to support him or lead to a good path to life because he lived only with his aunt who couldn’t provide a lot for Raybe and Miss Scolfield would make his life worse from all of these punishments. Miss Scolfield thought that it was a strategy for making a kid more discipline by wrapping Raybe’s hands all the time but it only made it worse for Raybe.

After Miss Scolfield dealing with Raybe in class, once he got older, maybe in his middle age, he visited her house. When Raybe got to her house she didn’t recognize him until he started getting aggressive when he started to confront her of the beatings, and told he’s been to jail and blamed it on Miss Scolfield for making him a bad person. The short stories name “The teachers reward” is an ironic title because the reward is when raybe is all grown up and visits Miss Scolfield when she’s old and retired and scares her and told her to put her hands on a table, after that raybe grabbed a hammer and raised the hammer, the story ended before the readers could’ve known what would have happened but people don’t know exactly what happened. Maybe Raybe raised raised the hammer and just threatened to punish her, or maybe he actually hit her hands with the hammer.

Theres a lot of responsibilities as a teacher, taking care of the kids, making sure they’re okay, giving them education and comforting them. Teacher’s can define there students personalities sometimes on how much they affected their lives. Even though Wes was criticized as a kid he still turned out good because Miss Trethway comforted him and made sure he felt welcome. But Raybe turned out to be not a good person because in his life he didn’t have people to guide him in the right direction to a good path to life. Miss Scolfield could’ve been a good example for Raybe and could’ve been a role model and led him on a good path but she always criticized him and would “wrap his wrists” all the time for stuff he didn’t do.

Foods 12 food waste – mr Brett

James Douma

Food waste

There’s a lot of food waste at school, kids litter in the parking lot, people are throwing away a half full drink in the garbage, the garbages are full of unfinished food. There’s a lot of litter at school. At home it’s not as bad but me personally, does not waste food, I eat all the food I get because I have a really big appetite and know my limit, my mom and sisters waste a lot of food, when we go out they buy more food than they can eat and end up throwing it out after they’re full. Sometimes they take it home and put it in the fridge and don’t touch it once it’s at home in the fridge, so since they don’t eat the left overs I end up eating it so it’s not so bad for me.

The difficult decision

James Douma

The difficult decision

A boy named Alex Abercrombie and his best friend Stuart Monroe grew up together ever since they were born because their moms were best friends as well. Alex and Stuart at 4 years old would go to the same pre-school and they were in the same class, they’ve had each other’s back their whole lives. They’ve been in the same classes every single year and have been best friends and hanging out with the same friend group from middle school to high school. When they went into middle school they found a friend group with 3 other boys, these boys names were William, Micheal, and Sam. The group of 5 boys were very close especially Stuart and Alex. Stuart was always a kid who would misbehave and get in trouble by his parents or by the school and wouldn’t try enough in school so he ended up getting lower grades, the positive thing about Stuart is that he was very athletic, played a lot of sports but football was his favourite and had good social skills with other people. Alex was always a good kid and behaved well and got good grades in school he was a little more quite than Stuart but could still make friends easily, Alex wasn’t a very athletic kid though so he tried to stay out of sports. After graduating middle school, Alex and Stuart still were very close and had their friend group when they hit high school. When they were in grade 9 they felt very small so they kept to their group of friends and hung out in the library during lunch hours. Eventually Stuart and Alex started meeting new people in their classes and Stuart found a girl named Michelle that he was interested in who was in his Math class. Stuart kept talking to this girl and she invited him to a party, Michelle said that Stuart can bring his group of friends including Alex. These group of boys have never been to a party, but when the night came on a Friday night the group of boys went to the party. Stuart and Alex were talking and saw that there was alcohol sitting on a table in the centre of the house party, they’ve never drank alcohol but once they got a red solo cup and started drinking they had the best night of their lives, Stuart made a bunch of new friends and met new groups, while Alex and his group hung out on the couch with each other. The first Monday after the weekend of the party, Alex saw Stuart talking to a new group of guys, Alex said hi to Stuart and for some reason Stuart didn’t say hi back, Alex didn’t just ignored the situation and asked Stuart to hang out the next night but Stuart said he was busy and had a lot of homework, Alex said okay and hung out at home for the rest of the night. The next morning Alex found out that Stuart was robbing corner stores with a new group of friends and got put in jail for the night before his parents could pick him up. Alex was noticing Stuart getting into “the wrong crowd of people” who did drugs and would rob little stores to get money. A week later at school, Stuart came up to Alex and his friend group and asked if they could all hangout the night before, Alex and the group said yes. Stuart wanted to meet up because he was “busy” after school, Stuart told the guys to meet up on Lincoln ave. On the corner of the street, Alex and the guys agreed. The night of them hanging out Alex the the group of friends met Stuart at a corner, Stuart said to wait at the corner for a bit, Stuart was waiting for a man. As they waited they saw a man coming, when the man was walking past, Stuart yelled at him “hey you” the man said “yes?” And Stuart pulled a gun on the man and told him to give him his wallet, the man gave him his wallet and Stuart took out all the money, which was about $150 in cash. Alex and the guys were scared and just stood up and froze while it was happening.



The police officer – English 12

James Douma

The police officer

Wealthy, innocent man gets shot by police officer.

The short story “Identities” written by the author W.D. Valgardson is about a wealthy man who was driving into the “north”, or the bad side of his city. The man was getting out of his Mercedes’s Benz and was distracted by a group of people, one woman and three men. The man was so distracted by these people that he didn’t recognize his surroundings as a police officer is following him. The officer thinks that the man stole the Mercedes Benz since he was in a rough part of the city. The man saw the officer and was relieved, but as he reaches into his pocket for his wallet, the police officer shot him thinking the man was pulling out a firearm. The man (protagonist) lives in a wealthy neighbourhood and lives a high class life. He goes through a rough time and decides to leave. Before having contact with the police officer, the man’s appearance had the same details that the police officer was looking for because he was assigned to look for a “man wearing blue jeans and was clean shaven”,which the man had the same details .Is the police officer justified for killing the man. My paragraph shows how the cop is not justified in the short story “identities”. The man was wearing blue jeans and was clean shaven which was what the police officer was told to look for a man who had the same features of a man who stole a car. Before the man was shot, the cop told him to raise his hands but the man didn’t listen and reached straight for his wallet, which made the police officer think that he was pulling out a firearm, which he wasn’t. The man was innocent and was just in a rough part of town which made the “inexperienced police officer” more on edge and suspicious. The police officer was not justified for killing the man, even though the man went straight for his wallet, the police officer should’ve maybe went behind something just in case the man did have a firearm and he needed cover but instead he just shot the innocent man and killed him.



James Douma                     Rugby

In rugby there is a lot of action going on in it, there’s people trying to tackle you and there is no way of trying to get out of getting hurt a few times a game but you just have to deal with it. My first year in rugby I started playing for the senior team at my high school Riverside Secondary, because they didn’t have a junior team because not a lot of juniors played. My first game I was a starter on the team, so I was one of the players that played first quarters of the games, I had a lot of adrenaline going through my body because I had guys about 6ft tall at least going up against me and my team mates. The grass was short like someone just cut it right before the game, it’s smelled very fresh had good weather luckily, it was hot and sunny, and there was a lot of people watching. When the game started I was getting nervous a little bit because I didn’t wanna get hurt really badly but I played anyways because my team mates said that all of that worrying is just in my head and it’s not as bad as it seems. The referee called the game to start and everybody started running at once, people were yelling at each other to get to there positions and to go straight into the tackles. One of my team mates passed me the ball and I booked it as fast as I could run, I ran past a few guys and then a big guy tackled me to the ground,it felt like a big thump to my chest, but it didn’t hurt a lot so I was fine,so I got back up and passed it to one of my team mates before another guy could tackle me. The guy that I passed it too found an open space where there were no opponents on the other team so he ran up and got our team a point. The other team was a lot more experienced because they were all grade 12’s and had played for a lot longer than most of us. We only had a few guys who were actually experienced and played out of school, in a league. We lost that game by a lot of points, because they were all bigger than us and knew how to play a lot better. At the end of the season I decided that I really like the sport, so I joined a league with some of my team mates that I played with in school rugby. I had a lot of fun in the league, I made a lot of friends, all the guys on my team were all good guys. One guy on our team was nice to the team but wasn’t nice to the other teams,he would be swearing and yelling and trying to start fights all the time with the other teams, even though he wasn’t a really big guy either. Everybody had to tell him to shut up on the team, including the referee. To be a captain of a rugby team, you have to know everything, the positions, make plays and strategies for your team, and you have to have a very low temper, most of the captains I knew didn’t get mad very easy, you would have to do a lot to get them mad, because you can’t be a crazy captain who trash talks the referee and the other teams because that wouldn’t be could to have a captain that’s un-sportsman like. At the start of a gam, the field is always neat and clean looking, but at the end the field is just dirt pit, from everybody tackling and running all over the the place with cleats on. When it starts getting messy with dirt everywhere, you get a lot in your mouth and it tastes really gross, it comes off of people cleats when there running or when you get tackled and you go face first into the dirt, it’s just something you can’t get away from. The saying in rugby is “it’s a hooligans game, played by gentlemen.” So at the end of every game the opposing teams become good friends at the end and take a knee on the ground with each other while the referee says how we played. That is why I like rugby a lot and is my favourite sport right now.