Top five things I have learned about math nine.

We have learned a lot of stuff in math nine but I think one of the things that was the most important to me was exponents.

Exponents were so shocking to me because in grade 8 or the years before that we never learned about exponents. The power to power law in my opinion is the coolest because I never knew you could have an exponent over an exponent. With the power to power law you could just multiply the two powers together so you only have one power so it’s easier to solve.

Another one was polynomials. Multiplying polynomials were pretty cool because it was a good challenge for me. I picked it up pretty quickly but it was definitely a useful thing to understand for the unit. Multiplying it makes the question easier because then you can just simplify the question after.

The third thing I would say is measuring angles indirectly. That was pretty cool because you can find out the height of anything by its shadow and a tape measure or a mirror and a tape measure. It was pretty shocking how simple it was too.

The fourth thing would be equivalent equations because like exponents I have never learned it before so it was something cool i could learn. The main thing to know about equivalent equations is that what ever you do to one side you have to do to the other side. 

For my last thing it would be inequalities because we learned a bit about the simples you use in inequalities but we expanded on it so much that it was pretty cool. Inequalities is the same as equivalent equations but a little different. This example will explain.

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