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Math Inquiry Project

Attached is an inquiry project that is based of off of branch of applied mathematics, called game theory. My inquiry question also addressed how genetics and hormones could impact a person’s choices during crime situations. Underneath the powerpoint is my Core Competency Reflection that I completed after presenting my inquiry project. Math Inquiry Project

Canada and Global Affairs

Here is the link to a Sway presentation demonstrating the significance of Canada’s Global Affairs:


Below is my self-portrait that I created on Desmos. I used over five equations to create this portrait, and learned a lot through the process. Here is the link to my portrait: https://www.desmos.com/calculator/t2kzndqs6b Here is my reflection:

Graphing Story 2019

During the relations and functions unit, Jayda, Stefan and I made a graphing story to demonstrate our understanding of independent variables, dependent variables, domain, range, and graphing. First, we watched graphing videos in class and graphed them. The next day, we were given time to film a graphing story; the independent variable had to be…

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Flag Pole Lab Math 10 2019

This lab had multiple steps: Measuring the pole, finding the angle of adjacent side, and finding the appropriate formula to use. We started by going out the the flag pole and measuring three meters from it. This made sure that our measurements were accurate. From the three meter mark, we used a clinometer to measure…

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Infinite Thoughts

Before I joined the Math 10 Honours class, I rarely thought about infinity-I always thought it was just a single number. It sounds insane, but I always associated infinity with Buzz Lightyears “To Infinity And Beyond.” It never crossed my mind that there could be numerous infinities to travel to, too many to count. Throughout…

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Love Poem To Prime Numbers

It’s been a love story since day two, Since they found out they both love the colour blue.   This is such a prime relationship, They started counting their relationship on day two. “Day one is for those who are basic (integers)” said two And from then on, they were stuck together like glue.  …

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Inquiry Poem

A Women’s Perspective Women are stones engraved by men; It’s like they are ten again No say in what they do, No say in what they wear, And no say in how they act.   He gently clasps her microscopic hand, escorting her though the tiny town. He oversees her existence, leading her to question…

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