Science 9 app 2017

1.I am looking for properties about specific elements on the Periodic Table.

2.Some ways to find the properties would be to search on the internet, research in science textbooks, ask a Science teacher, do an experiment with the element and take data.

3.I have found the app Elements: The Periodic Table that has all the necessary information about all the elements on the Periodic Table.

4.It is very simple to use.  You click on an app and it opens up a page with all the necessary information about the element.  The number of the element, the group it belongs to, the block it is in.  It lists all the general, physical and atomic characteristics of the element.  The history of the element as well as a picture is provided.  The main applications of the element as well as the isotopes are also given.  This is a wonderful app that provides great information on each element of the Periodic Table.

5.The process was very simple.  I chose nitrogen which is element #7.  I clicked on the box with N and it opened up to another screen that showed all the above listed information about the element.

Pros of this app are that it is very easy to find a lot of information about any element on the Periodic Table.  So far there are no cons about this app.

I have learned a lot of detail about each element using this app.  This will definitely make learning all the characteristics of elements easy.