Interview with a Correctional Officer


My interview was with Jim Peakman who is a Correctional Officer that works at the Vancouver North Fraser Pre trial centre. Pre trial is a prison where people are held before they go to the city court.

I chose to interview him because I am interested in law enforcement. I think its very important to have rules and laws for everyone to follow because it makes our city safe and everybody in our society is safe as well. If rules are broken then there will be consequences. Correctional officers make sure that people in jail who are waiting for their court date are confined and stay safe. Mr. Peakman is doing a wonderful job keeping our community safe.

It takes a lot of skills and training every day to become a Correctional Officer. It takes 18 months of training to become a Correctional Officer. To be a correctional officer you cannot have a criminal record. With the training, Correctional officers are there to help the prisoners make better choices in the future and keep our society safe. It is a public service job, which means they help keep our city safe.

There are lots of dangers when being a Correctional Officer like prisoner drug use, violence against the officers and fighting between the prisoners. Being a Correctional Officer can be very difficult and dangerous, you must rely on the other officers and you must help them too.

If anyone is interested in being a Correctional Officer or has any further questions, they can email Jim Peakman for further information using this email (


Here is the attachment for the Justice Institute in New Westminster where you do your schooling to become a Correctional Officer.



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