Grade 9 Midterm Interview Questions

Grade 9 Interview Questions

  • 1. During the first semester I really enjoyed that I did very well on all of my English project like the Cellist of Sarajevo and the Amazon Book Listing. I also enjoyed working on the electric house project in science because my partner and I got 40/40 for it.


  • 2. When I had some trouble with the internet I went to talk to Mr. Shen because he had all the answers I was looking for. I hang in the library because its a quiet place and no one bothers me. If I’m having a hard day I can go find Ms. Rushton.


  • 3. I have gotten involved with the school community by joining the hiking club and the mountain biking club. I feel connected in the library.


  • 4. I am very proud of my digital footprint assignment and my science 9 app assignment. Both those projects mean a lot to me.


  • 5. Two things I hope to accomplish here at Riverside by the end of the year is to get good marks on all my classes and learn how to repair cars and bikes.




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