Electric house project


Project questions
1. If one light bulb goes out all the other ones go out as well.

2. If one light bulb is unscrewed the others stay on and still light up.

3. The 3 parallel light bulbs where connected to the battery and the switch’s, then when we turned the switch’s on all the lights lit up.

4. If one of the parallel light bulb was unscrewed the other lights would still light up but the electrons would not be able to flow into the unscrewed light bulb.

5. We did great on recreating the house, adding furniture inside and building the circuits for it.


Information fluency questions
1. We needed to figure out how we were going to build our circuits and how to attach them around our house, also what type of materials we where going to use to build the furniture for our house and what else can we add to it to improve it.

2. We used videos on YouTube and information on google for ideas to build our circuits.

3. We came up with an idea to add the different circuits around the inside of our house and to light up the rooms we attached the wires, the switch and the battery together and then used strong tape to keep it up around the house.

4. We decide to build 5 different types of circuits using the materials in the room and others from home.

5. By the start of Monday our house circuit was completed and was ready to be marked.







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