Cell Story

Best Job in the Mattias

I have got the best job in the Mattias! Since forming in the bone marrow I knew that I had a very important job to keep the Mattias healthy but after my first mission of stopping an infected paper cut  I realized how fantastic my job was and that it was undoubtedly the greatest job in the Mattias. My job is easy, fun and tasty! When Mattias gets an injury me and my fellow monocytes rush to the seen and start lunch! We get to gobble up all of the pathogens engulfing them like giant Pac-Men. I have an important job keeping the Mattias clear of pathogens but it is also a tasty job. I am a monocyte, the largest white blood cell, I live in the spleen the largest dispatcher of monocytes in the Mattias and I have the best job ever! When I’m Speeding to work through the blood vessels this is what I sing to pump me up: When those pathogens attack! The monocytes don’t cut em’ no slack! Turtle power!



These are the questions I used to create my story

What are monocytes?

Where are they found in the body?

What do they do?

Where does their life start?

Some of the digital tools I used to answer these questions and complete my story were of course Google but I also tried out some new ones: Gale Group and EBSCOhost.


These are links I used to find my info




Assessment of project

This project was fun and I think I did well on certain things like adding my information into the story and I also think I did well when analyzing my information I used all three tools google, gale-group and EBSCO to check the information I had. Some things I could have worked on where asking a few more questions and maybe bigger questions as well I also think I could have made the story a bit more interesting but over all I liked my story and think I did pretty good.

Inventor 3D Project

Ultimate Toothbrush Case


It is annoying carrying  your toothpaste, dentalfloss and toothbrush around separately and those toiletry bags are to large. There is nothing that will carry all of these together and is a bit larger than a toothpaste tube so thats why I’m making one.

The only things made for carrying your toothbrushes and toothpastes are large bulky toiletry bags.


this was my starting idea

and this is how my ultimate dentistry case turned out

the toothpaste goes in the middle and the cap goes on after. Then the dental floss goes into its compartment on the top. After that the lid goes onto the dental floss compartment and finally the toothbrush gets clipped on and all your gear can be carried in one gadget.






My Brand

What is my brand is designated for?

a hockey team

Who is my brand designated for?

the Kamchatka Krakens (if Kamchatka ever gets a hockey team)

team slogan

we will sink you!

My sketches while I searched for a logo that I really liked

My Final Logo


Collaboration fluency


Document (3)-2fstjvs

Our group worked quickly and efficiently to test the different materials static electricity. We started out with giving ourselves jobs and making sure we all new what jobs we had. Then we worked together to fill out the worksheets the chart and test the materials. If someone got stuck or had any questions with their asighned job we would help and answer there questions and when  someone finished they helped the rest of the group with their jobs.

Orthographic Projection

An orthographic projection is a object shown as 2D drawings.This is a orthographic projection of a samsung 2 in the top left corner is the top of the phone, below it is the front and beside that is the right side of the phone. The drawing on the right is called a isometric projection which is used to repreasent 3D objects in 2 dimensions.


Community connection






This is a interview I had with my mom, a soccer coach. I chose her because she is a great coach has good practice plans and is good at equalizing playing time. She gave good advice and has convinced me to be a coach when I get older.


Solution Fluency in the Science Lab


Our task was to compare the dissolving rate between two different types of headache medicines, Advil liquid gel and Tylenol. We were curious about the dissolving rate so that we could observe what medicine worked faster.


Some questions we had to ask before starting our investigation where:

How do these pills normally dissolve?

In stomach acid.

How do the pills get to where they need to go?

Blood Stream


These were our results we found.


Our experiment turned out well we had good trials interesting results and we worked well as a team but some things we could have done better such as take more photo’s, make more notes and be a bit more efficient and organized. Over all it was a good first lab with room for improvement.