Orthographic Projection

An orthographic projection is a object shown as 2D drawings.This is a orthographic projection of a samsung 2 in the top left corner is the top of the phone, below it is the front and beside that is the right side of the phone. The drawing on the right is called a isometric projection which is used to repreasent 3D objects in 2 dimensions.


Community connection






This is a interview I had with my mom, a soccer coach. I chose her because she is a great coach has good practice plans and is good at equalizing playing time. She gave good advice and has convinced me to be a coach when I get older.


Solution Fluency in the Science Lab


Our task was to compare the dissolving rate between two different types of headache medicines, Advil liquid gel and Tylenol. We were curious about the dissolving rate so that we could observe what medicine worked faster.


Some questions we had to ask before starting our investigation where:

How do these pills normally dissolve?

In stomach acid.

How do the pills get to where they need to go?

Blood Stream


These were our results we found.


Our experiment turned out well we had good trials interesting results and we worked well as a team but some things we could have done better such as take more photo’s, make more notes and be a bit more efficient and organized. Over all it was a good first lab with room for improvement.

TOKTW 2017

Name of host: Gord Ryznar

Relation ship to me: Dad


What is your job title?  Watershed Security patroller.

What is your job description?  Protection of drinking water supply lands,reservoirs and infrastructure.

What are some tasks you perform at your job?  Watershed orientations, enforcement of regulations, patrolling and access control

What qualifications do you have for this job in the following areas?

A) Trainig? First aid, wild land fire suppression, chainsaw helicopter and boat training, WHMIS, Incident Command

B) Education?  BSc Forest Resorce Managment, Registered professional Forester

C) Experiance? Forestry Work and 12 year watershed patroller

D) Skills attributes and personal qualities? Good communicator,writing skills, computer competence, good work ethic, passionate and knowledgeable with nature

What are some of the things you like about the job?  Work outdoors, 4 on 4 off work scheduale , laying a role in environment protection, diversity/flexibility of work.

What are some of the things that you dislike about the job? 12 hour days, sometimes work weekends, some monotonous tasks.

How do you anticipate this job changing in the next 5 years or so? There will be more people and climate change/drought conditions thereforethere will be more planning and work to ensure that we can meet the demands of the region.Better technology may also help improve effectiveness.

Three reasons why I would like this job:

A). Good work schedule 4 on 4 off

B) Lots of outdoor work

C) Good coworkers

Three reasons why I wouldn’t like this job:

A) Paper work

B) Long work days (12 hours)

C) Lots of traffic getting to work

Is this job for you?

Yes,all the outdoor work my Dad gets to do makes me really jealous. His work schedule also makes it like a holiday week every week.

Explain the value of TOKTW.  TOKTW helped me look at my Dad’s job and think that all my Dad’s outdoor work is very peaceful and When I get older I want to work outdoors. TOKTW gets you to find out a little bit what work is like and helps give you a idea of what you want to do when you are older

Water Supply ^


Funny story, When we were at a quick take your kids to work day meeting where we got free pizza the asked us how we were doing and one kid had his thum down. So I asked him why and he said “I had to file papers with my Mom all mourning.”