Principles of Flight

Part 1 – Tumble Glider

Explanation of Bernoulli’s Principle

When air is moving faster than the other air around it the faster moving air creates an area of low pressure which means the slower moving air is at a higher pressure. So if you have fast moving air flowing over top of an object and slow moving air flowing underneath the object the higher pressure from the slow moving air will push the object up because of the lower pressure created by the fast moving air on top.

Picture that Visualizes Bernoulli’s

Video of Test Flight

1. Draw a path of trajectory of your rocket

2. Which force is acting on the rocket at the moment of launch? (use arrows to indicate direction)


3. As the rocket was half-way up, which force(s) is/are acting on the rocket? (use arrows)

Still thrust plus some gravity

4. As the rocket begins to veer into another direction, which force is acting on the rocket? Explain why this is happening.

5. Did some rockets work better than others? How does the shape of the nose and fin effect the trajectory of the rocket? Explain in terms of the four forces that act on a rocket ship

There was multiple things that made the different rockets better than others some of the main things that positively affected the height and distance of the rocket was: a pointy tip, a balanced ship and a strong cylinder. The wider fins did create more lift but it also added more drag and gravity pull.



Part 3      Water Bottle Rockets

What have you learned about the history of rockets and space travel? Write a summary on the blog about something or someone you found interesting and tell why.

One of the first Rocket resembling items was an arrow with a propellant attached to it this gave the arrow extra longe range and was also usable without a bow. This item was made by the Chinese and there was an ancient Chinese legend about them that stated that one man strapped a whole bunch of the rocket arrows onto a chair with wings wich then flew threw the air. Kung Fu Panda ??????????




Now that you know about the basic parts of a rocket and what they do, write about each part and its importance in your own words. What will be different on your water rocket than on a “real” rocket and why?

Nose cone: splits the air to help the rocket pass threw mare smoothly my rockets nose cone won’t be  as point or as large in comparison to body because the material I can use will not be strong enough to go that thin

Payload: the payload is the compartment that gets launched into space and is not needed for the operation of the rocket

Propulsion chamber: contains the engine, the part that gives the rocket it’s thrust. We will not be using the same fuel are as heavy duty and complex system

Fins: help keep the rocket on its intended path of flight. Adding fins also adds drag to the end of the rocket wich keeps the rocket flying straight.



Write a little on the blog about how to find the Center of Pressure and the Center of Gravity on your rocket and why they are important

To find the center of pressure you need to cut out a cardboard trace of your rocket and then balance it for example on the edge of the ruler. Your center of pressure is wherever the cardboard touches the ruler in order to make it balance.

This is the point where the wind pushes on your rocket


To find the center of gravity you tie a string around your rocket and wherever the rocket balances is your center of gravity.

This is the balancing point of your rocket


knowing this is important because your center of gravity has to be in front of your center of pressure in order for your rocket to fly straight



Based on what you have learned about rocket design (nose cone & fins) describe what your rocket will look like and why you chose that design on the blog.


tip: strong and pointy judging from paper rocket flights


fins: sturdy small equally spaced judging from paper rocket flights


Bottle rockets 🚀 review

1. How did the height you estimated your rocket would reach compare with the actual
estimated height?

2. What do you think might have caused any differences in the height you achieved?

My rocket did not go as high as I expected. I think the major thing slowing my rocket was the drag because the parachute was on top of the rocket and prevented the air from flowing over the rocket as smoothly as it might have been able to without the parachute.

3. Did your rocket launch straight up? If not, why do you think it veered off course?

my rocket did launch straight into the sky and then came straight back down.

4. Do you think that this activity was more rewarding to do alone? Would you have preferred to do it in groups? Why or why not?

I don’t really have a preference. This was a fun project anyhow.

5. Did you adjust your model rocket at all? How? Do you think this helped or hindered
your results?

I accidentally glued the wings on in the wrong direction to start which might have done some damage to them in the process of correcting that.

6. How do you think the rocket would have behaved differently if it were launched in a
weightless atmosphere?

it would’ve kept going.

7. What safety measures do you think engineers consider when launching a real rocket?
Consider the location of most launch sites as part of your answer.

They probably have days marked off for inspection on a real rocket to make sure every single piece will work perfectly because if it doesn’t that is a lot of money down the drain.

8. When engineers are designing a rocket which will carry people in addition to cargo, how
do you think the rocket will change in terms of structural design, functionality, and

they would have to anticipate the extra weight and room needed and created by the people and it also adds a lot more tension to make sure everything will work perfectly.

9. Do you think rocket designs will change a great deal over the next ten years? How?

I think they are definetly going to change because rockets are just starting to advance and their is lots we still can learn about rockets and space travel. I think that relatively this is an area that we don’t have much information on and will greatly change over the next couple of years.

10. What tradeoffs do engineers have to make when considering the space/weight of fuel
vs. the weight of cargo?

how much money they want to spend

how big they want to make it

how much space needed for cargo and fuel

The Adventures of Pythagoras and 4 Kids With No Self Esteem

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Core Competencies Self-Assessment (Word)-1ot8msj

Fake news math reflection

Part 1

I don’t think it really matters too much if a person on social media has a fake account. What can they do cyber bully? If they are does it make a difference that they have a fake account? I don’t think they get any special power by not showing their identity so I think its no big deal. What’s the difference between fake accounts and real accounts on social media anyway, most people don’t know who their “friends” real accounts are either. Why does it matter if they have a fake account that is my thought on this.

Part 2

Do enough people believe this kind of stuff that its worthwhile because I don’t know who would fall for this stuff. Its so easy to tell that it’s fake. If you are missing a family member why would you post it on social media they would most likely have called the cops and then be looking for the person themselves. Once someone sees this what are they going to do, start looking for the person? No most likely they would forget what the person looked like in a day. There is no reason for someone to post a missing person from a terrorist attack on social media especially if they don’t leave a phone number or anything to get back too.  Most people would be to devastated to post anything on social media this stuff is obviously fake and doesn’t make any sense.

part 3

I think it is good for the economy with all the advertisement on social media and I also think it is good that information gets spread so quickly. The only problem is fake information. With everything being spread so quickly it can often change like the game “telephone” when going from place to place and other times it is wrong right of the bat sometimes being posted by someone who does not understand themselves or by someone trying to be wrong. I do think it is good for advertising but thats the thing their is so much advertisement your advertisement is likely to be missed. Sometimes people will just say “hay that place has great pizza check it out” then boom advertisement done for that place and the company didn’t do anything except make good pizza. This is why its good because places that make good food are going to get more customers by making good food and it will not matter about the advertisement. Overall I think that Social Media is a good thing for advertising companies.

Phenylketonuria Presentation




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Meiosis Video

Cell Story

Best Job in the Mattias

I have got the best job in the Mattias! Since forming in the bone marrow I knew that I had a very important job to keep the Mattias healthy but after my first mission of stopping an infected paper cut  I realized how fantastic my job was and that it was undoubtedly the greatest job in the Mattias. My job is easy, fun and tasty! When Mattias gets an injury me and my fellow monocytes rush to the seen and start lunch! We get to gobble up all of the pathogens engulfing them like giant Pac-Men. I have an important job keeping the Mattias clear of pathogens but it is also a tasty job. I am a monocyte, the largest white blood cell, I live in the spleen the largest dispatcher of monocytes in the Mattias and I have the best job ever! When I’m Speeding to work through the blood vessels this is what I sing to pump me up: When those pathogens attack! The monocytes don’t cut em’ no slack! Turtle power!



These are the questions I used to create my story

What are monocytes?

Where are they found in the body?

What do they do?

Where does their life start?

Some of the digital tools I used to answer these questions and complete my story were of course Google but I also tried out some new ones: Gale Group and EBSCOhost.


These are links I used to find my info




Assessment of project

This project was fun and I think I did well on certain things like adding my information into the story and I also think I did well when analyzing my information I used all three tools google, gale-group and EBSCO to check the information I had. Some things I could have worked on where asking a few more questions and maybe bigger questions as well I also think I could have made the story a bit more interesting but over all I liked my story and think I did pretty good.