Mightiest of Men


Mightiest of Men

Mightiest of men

He deserved all as the unworthy councillor praised him

The land precluded from him through truce would profit under his directive

Mightiest of men

His dangerous display of dominance would crush the unlawful territory

While splitting the fragile web of peoples that combine to empower his empire

Mightiest of men

The loyalty of his army would drown in the needless tides of blood

His lands would start upon separate paths leading away from their point of meeting

Mightiest of men

His mighty shattered kingdom would be forgotten like a distasteful memory

The mightiest of men will topple with his title




Mightiest of Men composition

Jake Ryznar’s poem Mightiest of Men is an open narrative which includes literary devices such as similes, metaphors, alliteration, symbolism, and an oxymoron as a tone device. Jake Ryznar claimed inspiration for this poem from MacBeth and the poem presents thematic insight into the negative influence of temptation and greed. Mightiest of Men by Jake Ryznar is an open narrative. It is an open poem because it does not follow a set structure or rhyme scheme and a narrative because it tells the story of the mightiest of men. In the narrative poem Mightiest of Men Jake Ryznar wields multiple literary devices. Metaphors and similes are used to help picture and find meaning behind the words. Alliteration is also implemented in the poem, “His dangerous display of dominance would crush the unlawful territory,” is one example from Mightiest of Men of this sound device. Symbolism is another important literary device used in the poem. Oxymoron is used at the start of the line, “His mighty shattered kingdom would be forgotten like a distasteful memory,” the tone device is used to portray part of the downfall of the mightiest of men caused by his temptation.

Jake Ryznar focuses on temptation and greed as a theme in the poem Mightiest of Men. The poem stresses how greed and temptation can lead to reckless decisions which tear down even the mightiest of men. The poem portrays that such a path can lead to a future far worse then what would be gained from giving in to your temptation and greed possibly ruining every aspect of your life. Jake Ryznar was influenced by MacBeth while writing Mightiest of Men. The same theme of greed and temptation can be seen in the character of MacBeth with his lust for power. These themes of greed and temptation that were displayed in MacBeth have been recaptured in Jake Ryznar’s Mightiest of Men.




Ozymandias composition

Ozymandias shows how arrogance and hubris can blind us from reality. Ozymandias is a poem in the form of a sonnet and was written by Percy Bysshe Shelley. The poem Ozymandias portrays the ruins of a statue surrounded by desert with an ironic hubristic caption on the pedestal. Ozymandias features multiple devices including metaphor, synecdoche, alliteration, and irony. Synecdoche is used with the line, “The hand that mocked them,…” because the hand refers to the entire sculptor in which the sentence means, the sculptor that mocked them. Irony plays a major role in the poem. Ozymandias is a shattered sculpture covered by sand; however, he is unable to see this and is blinded by his arrogance and therefore he calls himself king of kings which is ironic. The poem says, “My name is Ozymandias, King of Kings; Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair! Nothing beside remains.” The dramatic irony is that he calls himself big and powerful and yet he is now in ruins with nothing around except sand. The hubris theme is an important part of Ozymandias. Ozymandias boasts of his of his works and power but in his arrogance he is unable to realize that his power left him long ago. Ozymandias relates closely to Macbeth because they both have the important theme of hubris. MacBeth like Ozymandias believes that he is untouchable and all powerful yet they both fall from their overconfidence in which the difference is that Macbeth realizes his mistakes while Ozymandias still calls himself King of Kings while he is in ruins. Ozymandias reveals to us the ignorance and foolishness that accompanies hubris.


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