Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

If you misuse the enternet you will have troubles getting a job in the future because the man who is potentionaly hiring you will see that and not want you to work with his company. Also if you post something really bad you might not even be accepted to university but on the other hand they might see your amazing footprint and be like “this guy is awesome we need him!”.

To keep your footprint safe think before you post and don’t post anything that gives your personal information. A great strategy for this which many of you will have heard is (ask your self would you want your family, friends and grandparents to see what you are posting. You can also just ask yourself is it necessary. Or just go and use the telephone or talk with them face to face. Another thing to remember is once you say something it’s there forever like a continues echo.

You posted that!!!!⬇️

If you haven’t heard about your digital Footprint all you have to do is be careful with anything that is on th enternet.

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