Science 9 Inovation Project – Building An SPPC – Jake, Keegan, Alex and Euan

Our progress overview:

We started out with the idea of wanting to build something but the question was what? We eventually decided on creating a solar powered portable charger, or SPPC as we abbreviated it. A few minutes after we had our first drawing.

About a month went by and we had done some individual research on how we could achieve creating this, we figured out how we would connect all of the devices and which ones we would use. We also had another drawing made that was adapted to the parts we were going to use. Afterward we came together as a group to report out to the class on what we had done so far, all of us brought our findings together and now it was time to create a 3D model and settle scaling.

A 3D model was made and then scaled when we finally figured out the exact parts we were going to use.

We weren’t able to finish our project but we have learned a lot of new skills. Each of our group members know how the device would function and have the nessisary skills to create an SPPC.


During the months that we had to work on our innovation project in science 9, we connected with Yazeed Al Jeddawy and got his opinion on the idea of creating a solar powered portable charger. He told us that it would be very helpful in their electricity crisis.

We also had a previous connection with Mr. Meizcer, Euan and I’s drafting 10 teacher. Who allowed us to work on the 3D modeling in his classroom throughout the year.



Conference Reflection – Newfoundland Colony



Charlottetown Conference – Reflection Questions

Colony: The Newfoundland Colony

  1. What was your Colonies decision in OUR conference? Why did your colony make that decision? Provide at least 3 reasons why you made that decision.

We chose to join confederation because 1) We would be represented well in the government because of or significant population and be able to distance ourselves from the British. 2) It would benefit us economically due to free trade laws being revoked. 3) It would grant us protection and a larger military force if another country such as the Americans tried to invade.

  1. What was your colonies actual decision after the Quebec Conference – why did they make this decision? Research and provide 3 reasons why your colony made their decision.

The actual Newfoundland Colony decided not to attend the meeting at first but eventually joined confederation in 1949. The original decision was because they feared they would not have enough funds for local expenses.

  1. How did transportation play a part in the confederation of Canada? Provide at least 3 reasons why it was so crucial in the confederation of Canada.

The railway would link the colonies together promoting trade within the confederation. It would also make travel between cities more accessible as well as build the confederations economy as a whole via transporting goods.

  1. Who did the confederation of Canada benefit the most in your opinion and why? Consider French Canadians, English Speaking Canadians First Nations, Upper/lower class colonists, Britain…

In all, the confederation benefited white males the most. French language was left out of law and the land of the First Nations was not recognized either in the promise of expanding West. The British, even though it appeared they wouldn’t have as much power over us anymore still have a significant amount of control over the Canadian colonies.

  1. How do you think the Confederation of Canada affected the First People across all of present-day Canada? Please explain why you think the confederation may or may not have been beneficial for them and why? Research and find out how the confederation of Canada affected them (Especially as Canadian colonists expanded out west).

Confederation was not beneficial for the First Nations because it allows Canada to expand West as a single force. Not only would the confederation have enough money to travel West, they now had more men too. The confederation was also trying to expand West to block off the Americans, giving them an even greater motivation to expand in that direction.

  1. How did you learn from this project? Consider the following Core Competencies? Please explain how you used/learned in three of the competencies with specific examples.

I learned to connect and engage with others through the various decisions we made as a group in the conference. I also developed ideas and shared my opinions as a group and developed personal values and choices throughout the parts of the conference that we talked amongst our colony’s representatives.