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Oh, Hello There!

Good day teacher, peer or random! I’m Jake and this is my blog. I make art, videos and I play lots of sports. This blog shows all of my work from my years in Riverside Secondary. I hope you find what you’re looking for and make sure to check the suggestive sections listed on the right side of the top bar. Tags can also help you find what you’re searching for they are all located at the right side of the screen under the old section that says “Work Tags.” Now that you know how to get around, go ahead and take a look at my work. Have a nice day!

Videos, videos and more…

I make YouTube videos. Here is a link to the first to see if you’ll enjoy it.

If that interests you, I’ve got plenty more content (5 videos) for you to watch. Here is the link for my channel


Or search J_4_Jake on YouTube if the link doesn’t work.

My school project videos are all located on this blog. They are exclusive to this site and are not able to be found on my channel by normal means. I take much pride in these videos and I plan on making many more to display my learning.

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