Shakespeare – Graphic Novel

For this English COL project we had to make a graphic novel version of A Midsummer Night’s Dream Here is my graphic novel. I used FireAlpaca to draw it. The exposition is the first 2 panels, the first one is Hermia’s dad telling Theseus that Hermia doesn’t want to marry Demetrius, and the second one […]

Art Unit 2 Lesson 4

For this assignment we had to make 5 sketches of an ocean animal on one page Here’s what I made: I drew Dumbo Octopuses. They are very exclusive and rare animals. I made the colours of the pictures I saw a lot more saturated because I thought it looked cooler. The two facts are at […]

Art Unit 2, Lesson 3

For this lesson we had to answer some questions about Shuvinai’s artwork “Untitled”  What creatures are in this artwork? I see people, a walrus, and some fish What do you think is happening in this artwork? I think it’s a family showing off their art. One piece is some fish looking at a bleeding fish […]

Edublog Logo

This is the logo at the top of my edublog This symbol has a lot of symbolism for me. I created it last year for a school project and worked very hard to make sure it represented me well. The fox is symbolic of my curious nature. Foxes are known as tricksters and jokesters and […]

Art – Unit 2 – Lesson 2

For the first part of this lesson, we had to answer the following questions about Shuvinai’s artwork named “People, Animals, and the World Holding Hands”.   What point of view, or where is the viewer looking from, in this artwork? The picture is in a bird’s eye view   List the animals you see? In […]

Art 10 questions

1. Where in Canada is Kinngait? Kinngait is on Dorset Island. 2. What is the weather like there? It’s sunny from May to August with averages of 10 degrees Celsius. Fall has an average of 5 and the coldest it gets is an average of -40. 3. What kind of clothing do people wear there? […]

Art lesson #4

For this week in art, our assignment was to combine an animal and an everyday object into one full-page pencil drawing. I combined an ostrich and a pedestal table. I like this drawing, I think it’s wacky and unique but I do have some criticism. The proportions of the ostrich are more cartoon-like than I […]

Art Lesson #3

In this lesson, we had to find a pencil drawing tutorial online and do the tutorial. I chose this video: And below is my result For my first tie drawing a realistic eye, I think I did a decent job. The eyebrow could be improved but I got impatient. I also think I could have […]