Life Science 11 – What Darwin never knew

How did Darwin’s theory of evolution and the discovery of DNA affect the future today?

Darwin’s theory is that all life of some sort has descended from a common ancestor and that natural selection is how the world goes on. Natural selection is basically “Survival of the Fittest.” This means that the animal with the best genes to survive in there environment. That offspring will live on while the other ones will die off, which means that gene will stay alive and that will become the new normal.

For example: In the video, Darwin talked about the finches in the Galapagos had different beaks depending on which island they were on. So no two beaks were the same between islands. This happens because the finches beaks before were not suited for that certain island so they died off. But the ones that were “fit” stayed alive and there offspring got passed down.

With the knowledge of DNA and the advancements that have been made. We learned that in the video that they discovered “switches” which are a part of our DNA, these are not genes. But, something that controls our genes; turning “on” and “off” our genes.

They did an experiment on fly’s by “turning on” the genes for the spots on the fly’s wings. Then they took a sample of the genes and implanted it into a fruit fly. Later the fruit fly started to grow the same genes as the other fly.

The knowledge we have now because of Darwin and the advancements of our knowledge about DNA and genes will help us furthermore understand these complicated things. This also gives us an understanding about our past and how we may have started out, going through the evolutions as humans.

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