Life Science 11 – 6 Kingdoms

The 6 kingdoms in biology are animals, plants, protists, fungi, archaebacteria, and eubacteria.

  1.  Plants
    Venus fly trap
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    It has a red mouth and rough green outside, long teeth like cage and small black hairs or triggers inside the mouth.
    Corpse Flower
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    has a rough green outer, purple/red inside. It’s called the corpse flower because it has an awful smell omitting from it.
  2. Animals
    The golden dart frog
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    Bright yellow skin, with a few black dots. Black eyes and small hands. One of the most poisonous frogs.
    The stonefish
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    blends in with its environment, rough/scaly skin. Red eyes. One of the most poisonous fish if stung.
  3. protists
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    these are usually found in the hind of termites and wood roaches. It helps the host digest its food.
    Plasmodium gallinaceum
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    this is a protist that if it’s eaten it will cause malaria to the one digesting it. It has a purple shell and inners.
  4.  Fungi
    Entoloma Hochstet
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    It’s completely blue with a tall base and pointed top. Scientists have not found out if it is poisonous or not
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    yeasts are eukaryotic single-celled microorganisms. They are used for baking and making bread.
  5.  Archaebacteria
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    this Archaebacteria thrives in high salt concentration. They have a grayish color and they are an extremophile organism
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    The thermoacidophile is another extremophile microorganism that is both thermophilic and acidophilic. It has a salmon color with gray strands
  6.  Eubacteria
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    They have a green coloring with a pill like shape. They form motile filaments of cells
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    they are gray/black coloring and have a worm like shape. They are a major Gram-negative Bacteria.

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