Math 10 – Week 11

This week in math we learned about the distance of 2 points in a graph and how to find the mid-point.

The midpoint between two graphs is very simple to find, for example, we have these two points (4,7) and (12, 7). The midpoint in this connected line would be  (8, 7). The way I found that was by subtracting 12 by 4  and I got 8.  Then I divided that by 2 and got 4. Now when I look at 4, 8, 12. There is a difference by 4 in between the numbers.

let’s look at this picture for an example.

See the source image

the two points are (-2, 2) and (2, -1). First, we find the difference between -2 and 2. which is 4.

next, we divide 4 in half and we get 2. Now, all we have to do is count 2 away from one of the numbers and that’s out midpoint! So, our midpoint on this graph will be (0, 0.5). Which would also be our X-intercept.

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