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Term one Reflection

What have I accomplished so far in math this semester? That is a good question, at the beginning of the semester I was a little above average, i knew 1+1=2 that sort of thing but I was above average, i was doing good, living. We started with some astoundingly fun integers (woohoo) that was a bit of a struggle because, I’m above average and I just know so much so when we first got the topic i was like “OK then” truth be told I am not the brightest crayon in the box, so i was just passing, but i wanted to do better to be better (as most entrepreneurs want) but I’m only human i could only do so much, so I was striving for a solid B, not that high and not that low kind of just perfect. Unfortunately i didn’t meet my goal of excellence because well, I guess I wasn’t as committed to my cause as i should have been, but there is always next semester right?

How have you developed? Mentally, I like to think I’ve developed quite a bit, at the beginning of the year I hated math, still do if I’m being honest, but now 5 months later I am learning to be OK-ish with it. Math is gonna be in my life for probably the rest of my life so better learn how to be OK with it not rather then 60 years from now when I’m an old cranky grandma whining to her grand kids or basically any random kids that will listen, and tell them about how much I hate math, instead of tell them that I am OK with it. I think the biggest develop moment or realization that made me develop into the little blossom I am now is that, I am gonna be by myself throughout most of my life I can’t always ask some people for help, I have to learn how be independent and grow by myself, i have to learn how to do this by myself, and i know some teachers are like “You can always ask for help” yes throughout high school you can, but that can only take me so far, i have to learn, grow, and develop by myself.