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New Media 11 – Blog Log One

Have I learned Anything Important Since I Was Sixteen?

Here is my Article 

I enjoyed this article because the woman who wrote this, wrote an essay 50 years prior to writing this one. As a young teenager who likes to think I already know everything, it was compelling to see that this woman wrote something like this; because I would like to know if there is anything else important I would need to know. The woman who wrote this essay also wrote an essay 50 years prior, when she was sixteen. To she fifty years worth of life experience after having wrote the first one was, I dare say, educational. Elizabeth Duetshe Earle was 16 when she won a This I Believe essay contest in her hometown of Cleveland. Her prize for winning the contest was a trip to New York City, where she got to record her essay for broadcast on the original series. In this essay she writes about recognizing and appreciating joy when you feel it. she writes about living in the moment of events in your life, and not just the big moments. “I’ve suddenly realized that I am truly happy right now. This experience is one to savor.” Reading this essay, being a sixteen year old myself, there was something about it that made me think that maybe, just maybe, there might be something else for me to learn after being sixteen. The biggest take away I got from reading this essay, is to enjoy the moment and make your life enjoyable. If your not enjoying your life and happy to be doing whatever it is you do then, what is the point?


Core Competencies Reflection-Health Unit 2

The following is my core competence reflection for Health unit 2

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  • Do you agree or disagree with this (statement, opinion, artifact or hypothesis)? What evidence is there to support your answer?

I agree with this statement of this unit. I think whenever we get set off the right path, or if we get knocked down we can always get back up again. I really liked this unit i didnt really understand addiction till now i am happy that i have this knowledge

How did you show your understanding to this Unit

During this Unit I tried to participate as much as I could to completely show my understanding to this project


P.E. 9 substance abuse roll play

The following is my substance abuse video

video for health-28uhnyy

what is influence involved in your role?

Nothing really influenced this role, I was more of a “What would I do if I was in this kind of situation?” and I think in that situation for myself i wouldn’t do it, and definitely not in a public setting like school.

Explain how your conflict/issue was resolved?

Hallie took the hint of me saying no over and over again.

How would using these skills make the person in the role play resilient?

it makes them know and understand that saying “No.” is OK and you shouldn’t be pressured into trying something that you may not be ready to try or you just don’t want to try it.