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Narrative Poetry Mood Interpretation

The poem that we chose was the Raven, we chose to do the raven because we wanted something unique and challenging, and the raven was the best fit for what we wanted to accomplish. The overall mood that we decided on for this poem was mysterious. The colors, text and overall presentation in the project was mysterious. We chose to make this mysterious because the whole poem is mysterious, in the sense that there is a knocking at the beginning of the story, a raven then showing up out of the blue and talking, then giving very mysterious hints and clues as to why it was there. Our theme relates to the text of the poem because since it had an overall mysterious mood, we chose to make the theme background grey, a darker color to relate to the mood. For our images we chose to make them black and white to go along with the black raven, and the grey background which all tied in to our mysterious dark mood of the poem that we were identifying.