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SMART Goals Reflection

1. What was your goal?

My goal was to attempt to stop swearing so much. In recent weeks it has come to my attention that I have a problem, so this was my attempt to fix that.

2. Did you achieve it? How or how not?

Sadly I was not successful with my goal, although I am not that heartbroken over it. Over these past weeks I’d like to think that I have improved this so called “problem” but if anything I think it escalated. The first couple of days i was doing pretty well, but then I got mad at my sister for existing and my attempt at this new and improved me was no more.

3. What was the most challenging part of achieving your goal?

I would say that the most challenging part of this experience was my sister, she makes it very hard to be polite. This goal was challenging because I had to start thinking about what I was going to say before I said it, when I’m usually just waiting to hear what I say.

4. What would you do differently next time?

I probably wasn’t as committed to the cause as I should have been, not gonna lie. Next time if I ever try to attempt this goal again I think I would try to censor myself a lot more and actually think before I speak.

5. Will you continue with this type of goal? If you do, explain what you will do. If not, explain why you are satisfied with where you are at.

I think for right now I bookmark this experiment for now, because this is only a problem around my friend and my sister, I haven’t been called out on it yet so hopefully we will keep it that way.

Electric House Project

Welcome to my Electric House Project, for this project, myself, Stephanie and Emily created 4 different rooms with different electrical circuits. They rooms we made were a Bedroom, Bathroom, a Kitchen, and a Living room.


1.You have 3 light bulbs. all have the same intensity when lit. explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in series by unscrewing one light bulb. support your answer.

When/if all of the light bulbs are turned on, to prove that they are a series, you can unscrew the first bulb of the circuit and then if you wired it correctly, the rest of the lights should go out.

2.You have 3 light bulbs. all have the same intensity when lit. explain how you can prove to a classmate that they are connected in parallel by unscrewing one light bulb?

With the switch turned on, to prove that this circuit is parallel one could simply remove or unscrew a single light bulb and because the circuit is parallel, the other light bulbs would still be lit.

3.You have 3 light bulbs. Two are connected in parallel. This parallel combination is connected in series with the third light bulb. describe the relative intensity of each bulb. Support your answer.

The parallel light bulbs, the light should be evenly dispersed. Through the series, the light should be dimmer than the others, because most of the light is going towards the parallel so, because basic math 2/3 is more then 1/3.

4.In question number 3, describe the retaliative intensities of the two remaining lit bulbs if one of the bulbs in parallel was unscrewed. support your answer

If one of the parallel bulbs was unscrewed than there is only 2 light bulbs to light, so the intensity levels are about evenly distributed, 50/50. 

Biotechnology and Ethics

Biotechnology and Ethics, for this assignment we had to watch a ted talk, my group choose “What will humans look like in 100 years?” by Juan Enriquez. We took our own separate notes for this presentation, and then came together as a group and went into further research about the topic of prosthetic’s and future advancements. We had spent almost a week gathering as much research as possible in our time frame. With all of that new research and knowledge we created the power points below.