Core Competent Canadians

What did you know about the Core Competencies before this activity? What did you learn?

Well being the young entrepreneur I am, I knew most of the content that was necessary to complete the work required. I obtained this information from past classes and teachers. In Grade 5 my teacher really pushed out entire class to know close to everything about the core competencies, so because I learned them at age 10,  they have just always been there, and looking back on it I am glad that she really pushed us to know that much. From this past assignment I learned that Drake’s first name is Aubrey, and I happen to think that is pretty cool. I have also learned that Ellen Page is Canadian which is crazy because I thought she was American for the past number of years.

How can your knowledge of the Core Competencies help you in your school life? Personal life?

I think for assignment where you have to look at past assignments and past work it could be helpful because you could try to remember what that time in your life was like, how you were feeling, how you went through life. I think the core competence reflections that teacher make us do in the middle of semester or near the end are good. They give us an opportunity to look back on however many months and see what emotions or core competencies we used the most and how we could better understand how to use other ones so that one day we might become this socially except able person in society. I don’t think you would be that aware that you are using core competencies in your Personal life, unless you are that one person you is so much of an ego maniac that they notice every emotion and overthink everything they do, so unless you are that person that might be the only time that you are aware you are using core competencies.

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