Miss Brill


From the English 12 class in this Friday, i think i earned several things during the learning process.When i just started to read this story from the first paragraph, i had predicted it will be a story show how beautiful and lively the world that Miss Brill see and how her enjoy her daily life. Obviously, i was totally wrong. When everytime Miss Brill started to focus on someone, i was always encouraged her deeply by myself and excepted her to have interesting talk with others. From the beginning till the end of the story, she didn’t talk to anyone, but she recognized almost everything happened. When she back home alone and sorted out her things by herself only, i felt upset for her. In my opinion, i think the universal truth emerges of the story should be two parts. First, encourage people to open their to communicate with others confidently, most of the people on the world will be friendly to strangers. Second, which is more improtant, maybe people should pay more attention and care to the lonely elders on the world, giev them more happiness and communications to live. This is the whole society’s responsibility.