Knowledges Behind Laughter


I was curious when I saw the title “Why do we laugh inappropriately?”. In my opinion, laugh is the most directly way for people to decribe their happiness, sometimes people may laugh inappropriately, but does it really has connections with science? To find the answer of this question, I read the paragraph and start to understand this situation. I really prefer the example the author gave at part “Infectious giggles”, she shown two different sounds of giggles to compare the most possible attitudes in them; one of them seems happy, another one seems like kind of sneering. I was confused about one situation, it was when a people near me is laughing, I also wanted to laugh with him/her, which was out of my control. Fortunately, this paragraph answered me that laughter especially giggles is actually infectious, thus, I know the truth behind the situation and I will never be anxious of this problem.

Blind Spots Of Memories


Above all, I noticed this paragraph directly from many links because of its title, which was how many of your memories are fake, I prefer to decribe it as blind spots of memories. I was really interested of this title because I used to have some talks with my parents of my childhood, when I said some interesting childhood memories, sometimes they shook their head and totally deny that they had the same memories with me. I was really confused about this situation. After I reaed this scientific paragraph, I think I started to understand why this could happen. I like this paragraph because as a scientific paragraph, it divided into small paragraphs to show different reasons why some memories of people may be fake. In addition, the writer gave several examples to support each reason, such as “The PNAS study, led by Lawrence Patihis, is the first in which people with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory have been tested for false memories. Such individuals can remember details of what happened from every day of their life since childhood, and when those details are verified with journals, video, or other documentation, they are correct 97 percent of the time”. Surprisingly, this paragraph reminded me of hypnotist, I used to think that all of them are mythic, but now I changed my opinion, maybe they can really control people’s thoughts and make fake memories.

Blog log No.2

Title: Truths about Global Warming

The paragraph interested me because Global Warming is really a strict worldwide environment problem in 21st century. The paragraph gived readers totally three numbers which had close contact with Global Warming. I liked this paragraph because of its way to show how serious Global Warming is, which was by three related scientific numbers, these numbers illustrated how much will Global Warming harm the world. The three parts were temprature of air, weight of Chloride dioxide and weight of carbon in air. In my opinion it’s a very good way to explain the truth, because the professional and accurate numbers could reflect the reality, which would seems cruel. The aim of this paragraph should be to remind people how dangerous would Global Warming be when it getting stronger in the future, especially when people don’t take measures to prevent it, so human must be vigilant to face this problem and use scientific method to cure or improve it.

Blog log No.1

Title: Prepare and decide life by yourself

This paragraph first interested me when I saw its title “Attitude” in the paragraphs of Life&Death part, because in human’s life, attitude is a really important thing even can deal with people’s whole life. This paragraph was actually a speech. I really liked this speech because the speaker gave the listeners many realistic examples from her life which could made resonance between people.For example, she talked about how she chose writer to be her worker by herself. She also pointed out some society truth nowadays, such as how fast the world is changing and actually how economics really is now. So she warned people “You may not be able to alter reality, but you can alter your attitude towards it, and this, paradoxically, alters reality.” and couraged people “Try it and see” at the end of the speech. This remind me of a long paragraph i used to read on a science magazine, which told people how to enjoy life and make choices in crucial moments. These speech hope people to make life choices positively by themselves and tried to suit the changing society, in my opinion, if i will do some choices i would not sure with, i must find this speech and preceive it again.

Storm And Strength

It’s no doubt that the words on the picture above suggested the Allison’s thesis powerfully. The main issue in Allison’s essay was racism, this is a world wide trouble, even the biggest international organization–UN also couldn’t solve it basically. But Allison, who was just a simple volunteer, she used her own effective power to impact others not to be a racist; such as studied local people’s wearing and their languages, or refused the white man’s invite to drive her home just because he ignored the black woman around Allison who were also facing the heavy rain. From these cases, Allison can really be regarded as a person who is full of sense of justice. Back to Gandalf’s words, the “great power” can siginify the huge international organizations, Allison will symbolize the “small everyday deeds”. If there are more people who against racism by their actions like Allison appear, the world must be more fair and peaceful. Fortunately, the condition of againsting racism is getting stronger now, more individual powers is impacting the whole world right now.

Miss Brill


From the English 12 class in this Friday, i think i earned several things during the learning process.When i just started to read this story from the first paragraph, i had predicted it will be a story show how beautiful and lively the world that Miss Brill see and how her enjoy her daily life. Obviously, i was totally wrong. When everytime Miss Brill started to focus on someone, i was always encouraged her deeply by myself and excepted her to have interesting talk with others. From the beginning till the end of the story, she didn’t talk to anyone, but she recognized almost everything happened. When she back home alone and sorted out her things by herself only, i felt upset for her. In my opinion, i think the universal truth emerges of the story should be two parts. First, encourage people to open their to communicate with others confidently, most of the people on the world will be friendly to strangers. Second, which is more improtant, maybe people should pay more attention and care to the lonely elders on the world, giev them more happiness and communications to live. This is the whole society’s responsibility.