Blind Spots Of Memories


Above all, I noticed this paragraph directly from many links because of its title, which was how many of your memories are fake, I prefer to decribe it as blind spots of memories. I was really interested of this title because I used to have some talks with my parents of my childhood, when I said some interesting childhood memories, sometimes they shook their head and totally deny that they had the same memories with me. I was really confused about this situation. After I reaed this scientific paragraph, I think I started to understand why this could happen. I like this paragraph because as a scientific paragraph, it divided into small paragraphs to show different reasons why some memories of people may be fake. In addition, the writer gave several examples to support each reason, such as “The PNAS study, led by Lawrence Patihis, is the first in which people with Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory have been tested for false memories. Such individuals can remember details of what happened from every day of their life since childhood, and when those details are verified with journals, video, or other documentation, they are correct 97 percent of the time”. Surprisingly, this paragraph reminded me of hypnotist´╝î I used to think that all of them are mythic, but now I changed my opinion, maybe they can really control people’s thoughts and make fake memories.