Blog log No.2

Title: Truths about Global Warming

The paragraph interested me because Global Warming is really a strict worldwide environment problem in 21st century. The paragraph gived readers totally three numbers which had close contact with Global Warming. I liked this paragraph because of its way to show how serious Global Warming is, which was by three related scientific numbers, these numbers illustrated how much will Global Warming harm the world. The three parts were temprature of air, weight of Chloride dioxide and weight of carbon in air. In my opinion it’s a very good way to explain the truth, because the professional and accurate numbers could reflect the reality, which would seems cruel. The aim of this paragraph should be to remind people how dangerous would Global Warming be when it getting stronger in the future, especially when people don’t take measures to prevent it, so human must be vigilant to face this problem and use scientific method to cure or improve it.

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