Storm And Strength

It’s no doubt that the words on the picture above suggested the Allison’s thesis powerfully. The main issue in Allison’s essay was racism, this is a world wide trouble, even the biggest international organization–UN also couldn’t solve it basically. But Allison, who was just a simple volunteer, she used her own effective power to impact others not to be a racist; such as studied local people’s wearing and their languages, or refused the white man’s invite to drive her home just because he ignored the black woman around Allison who were also facing the heavy rain. From these cases, Allison can really be regarded as a person who is full of sense of justice. Back to Gandalf’s words, the “great power” can siginify the huge international organizations, Allison will symbolize the “small everyday deeds”. If there are more people who against racism by their actions like Allison appear, the world must be more fair and peaceful. Fortunately, the condition of againsting racism is getting stronger now, more individual powers is impacting the whole world right now.

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