During my soccer game I had a very bad ref, everyone was getting mad at him and swearing at him and stuff. I think he felt very sad about how people reacted. I have two acts of kindness I’m going to share about this day, there was a huge fight that broke out after are game but instead of me joining in, i stayed out of it and pushed my own players out of the fight. People around me were amazed about how i acted, and my father was proud of me. The next act was everyone was being mean to the ref but instead of me joining in, I went to the ref shook his hand sand good game and left. After this even other parents came up to me and told me how they were pleased to see that I did that. Even though it would be fun to participate in the fight, I’m glad I stayed out a was different then others. This made me realize that I can make someone feel better by doing one thing. I noticed that others were starting to thank the referee instead of getting mad, also people walked away with me.


DNA model

DNA is used to determine how people look and other things as well. The DNA chain acts as coding to make us living organisms. During this model I learned that DNA always has the same pairing and cannot use different colours to Ben in place for the one it needs to be with. Thymine always bonds with adenine, and guanine always bonds with cytosine. Chromosomes help package the DNA into the nucleus.


Future life collage

My future life style will consist of a lot of fun toys and lots of traveling, I will try not to work to much and instead have more fun. I will be comfortable in debt.

By anual income will be approximate 80,000$

Boat– 40000$ plus other exspenses

traveling — 15000$ a year

A truck– 7000$ plus exspenses

house on the ocean in California– 3 million

gucci belt- 800$

dog– 1000$

kid– 230,000

dirt bike– 2000$

trailer– 15000$

whistler cabin– 3 million




Racism project


The rascism towards minority groups in the early 1900 was horrific. There were many laws where black peoples were not able to do things white people could. A lot of the rascism was just discrimination, but some were much more brutal. Many black people were murmured because of how they were different. The KKK killed and intimidated so many people. The black people were treated unfairly by police officers, courts and many other people. Luckily there were inspirational people who stood up against the discrimination like Malcolm x and Martin Luther king. Now a days there a racist groups like KKK that are still around, that discriminate people based on their race, religion etc. It is now illegal to discrimine people for things they cannot or help.

Sam the athlete character sketch

In the short story Sam the athlete by Stuart McLean, Sam Is a boy who wants to fit in, and he wants to fit in by playing sports. “Sam loves sports, but he sucks”, this shows that Sam I’d determined to fit in and he wants to find a sport he’s good at. Sam decides to join a field hockey team being a goalie because he isn’t coordinated enough to be a player. Sam was joyful after the coach told him “good work today”, because no one ever compliments his playing. After he realized it was a girls team, he stays because he feels he belongs. His father notices his son wearing a skirt inside his room practiced his moved, this shows that Sam is comfortable with himself on a girl team. Sam’s father probably feels embarrassed that his son is wearing a skirt. Sam finally fits in, and he loves it. In the last shot to win the game Sam makes an extraordinary save and is very pleased with himself and finds out everyone else is also pleased with him. He was very proud because the bully Mark had a look of being impressed and even jealousy. Sam goes from an determined, insecure, slim, short boy to a confident, secure, slim, short boy.
Sam is a boy who wants to fit in.

Staying Safe at Work

To stay safe at work I will always ask I for help if I am unsure, i will take breaks if I am tired because usually I work too hard, and I will wear safety equipment to protect myself from harm. If anything someone does looks unsafe i will help them or tell them not too. If someone is carrying something very heavy help them out.

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