Space Wonder Project

How will settlement on Mars look like in the next 20 years?

My thoughts: I think living on Mars would be cool for the first couple Mars but after a couple years life would become very repetitive and life would suck.

When will it start?

it has already started planning and preparation for this mission has been heavily researched with rovers and many space equipment, Nasa will be sending people to Mars by 2033. Following with sending 4 people year after year.


Who will it involve?

most people would die to not go to Mars, and feel like it would be the worst punishment to go. The candidates have to have certain characteristics, such as resilient, adaptable, curious, trustworthy, creative, and older than 18. All the people who apply most go through many stages in picking the right people for the job. It will involve 4 people going every 26 months.

What will happen?

People will begin living on Mars and settle in there 50m2 homes each. The people living there will be learning and studying everything that happens on Mars and will send the information back to earth for further research.

Why will it happen?

people will be sent to Mars because the world loves exploration. They love finding new things to explore and study. It will be very exciting. People with tons of money and knowledge like Elon Musk will be supporting this event.


This will happen on Mars and earth, research will be here at earth, and people will be living in big homes, the homes will contain things used in everyday lives.


By Mike Wall, Senior Writer | April 12, 2011 07:00am ET



Garibaldi lake task

Area of base x height

area of base = 9, 940, 000 m^2

height = 119 m^2

VOLUME =  AREA OF BASE X HEIGHT = 1,182,860,000 m^3

Mass = 1 m^3 = 1000kg

Mass = 1,182,860,000 x 1000 = 1, 182, 860, 000, 000 kg of water in the lake.

if the wall broke and the water came out the valley would be completely destroyed and flooded, a Honda Civic is roughly 1000 kg, so imagine 1,182,860,000 Honda civics rolling your way. A elaphant is roughly 6000 kg so imagine 197000 elephants running at you. You have no chance.




During my soccer game I had a very bad ref, everyone was getting mad at him and swearing at him and stuff. I think he felt very sad about how people reacted. I have two acts of kindness I’m going to share about this day, there was a huge fight that broke out after are game but instead of me joining in, i stayed out of it and pushed my own players out of the fight. People around me were amazed about how i acted, and my father was proud of me. The next act was everyone was being mean to the ref but instead of me joining in, I went to the ref shook his hand sand good game and left. After this even other parents came up to me and told me how they were pleased to see that I did that. Even though it would be fun to participate in the fight, I’m glad I stayed out a was different then others. This made me realize that I can make someone feel better by doing one thing. I noticed that others were starting to thank the referee instead of getting mad, also people walked away with me.


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