CBL Chat with Tanya Harrison

NOTE: This is not the whole Skype chat because the video started to glitch out so we had to take it off air.

Overview: Tanya Harrison is a planetary scientist and PHD student in Geology at the University of Western Ontario.  She worked on the operations team for NASA’s Mars reconnaissance orbiter as well as the curiosity rover.  During our google hangout with her she answered all of our questions about Mars and we learned a lot from this experience.

What I Learned:

  • That there is evidence of flowing salt water on the surface of Mars
  • That the Mars rovers travel at speeds around 0.2km an hour
  • That it takes 8-40 minutes for the messages to reach the Mars rover
  • That one of the rovers that reached Mars in 2004 is still working today
  • That the curiosity rover is the same size as a SUV and has 6 wheels as well as multiple high quality cameras

Did I achieve my goal:

Yes I achieved my goal because I learned a lot from this experience and I was able to represent what I learned in a blog post.

Curiosity Rover





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  1. braedenm2015 at |

    Hello Jacob, I really like your post. I liked how you included a photo of the Curiosity Rover. I also liked that you included everything that you learned into the post. Overall I really like the work you have done with this post. Great job!

  2. kamonn2015 at |

    Hi Jacob I like your photo and your information

  3. emilys2015 at |

    Great post Jacob! It is really easy to read and follow your experience and what you learned. I like how you embedded the video of the Google Hangout and also had a picture of one of the Curiosity Mars Rover. Great job!

  4. jolour2015 at |

    Hello Jacob. I like all the information on the post and its really good for you to put all the information you learned in the Skype.

  5. Mr. Robinson at |

    Well done. You included excellent background information on Tanya and great questions with the answers that you received. Great work embedding the Google Hangout into your post. I not only liked how you presented a thorough engaging post on what you learned, but I also like how you responded to the many comments that you got. Great work!

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