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Jack‘s Digital Autobiography

This is my digital autobiography, showing some of the important important people and event in my life so far.

Working Safety

-3 things I will do to stay safe at work.

I will ask if i have any questions.

I will put safety first in my mind.

I will follow the rule about my work.

-2 things I will do to keep others safe at work.

I will tell them what they should care about.

If they doing wrong thing I will correct them immediately.

Novel Project

Writing Journal Skills Block B, Jack





EAL (skills)Block B

A journal about a moment in your life. EAL(skills)Block B, Jack work

A journal about a moment in your life-18oz1cq

jack-mandala project

  1. Yes, I’m a good listener and support encourage others, for example, I’m listen their advice and there ideas and add in my mandala, and i will give them some advice for there mandala and discuss what they doing will.

2. I’m get many idea and advice from my teammate, they tell me what thing i can add in my mandala will more strong to show the              different then the  other mandala.

3. I help my groupto take the files , ink and water.

4. I very glad of my work, first, i don’t think i can do will on this project.second i don’t think i will choose the nice colour to colour on

5. I show my respect and give every one an advice, help them to took the tools.


Canadian Studies

Canadian Study

1. The people of the Arctic they have three types of seals and the three typeof fishe including whitefish they hunt blue geese, ducks, sea pigeons gulls, terns, and garthered eggs and berries. I don’t think i can eat fish everyday like they did. they live in the tents of houses made of snow. i think they can survive is because they already adapt to the weather there and understand waht thing can that them wram and survive.

2. Because the oil companies trying to get the air force approval now , they still build their colonies .

3. Yes, the answer is supurised me when i see the information. I though the number of them may have decreased.


#Canadian Studies

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Math 11 sequence and series blog post

convergent, divergent

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