journal response #1

Izabelle Domalanta  Socials 10 February 6, 2019 Journal Response #1 What I have learned in socials  This week in class we have talked about left wing vs. Right wing opinions and the differences between the 2. Right wing is conservative and independent – isn’t really for change likes to keep things the same. Left wing […]

film to literature

I learned how different lighting can really effect a scene in a movie. light scenes are usually happy and fun then dark scenes usually means something bad is about to happen or something scary. I used to just pay attention to the actors but now after this I have a better understanding of how movies […]

play dough circuit

the drawing I Drew was for the first circuit that we also made. the electrons flow from the negative side to the positive side through the circuit. so the negative side is the side that was losing the electrons and the positive side was gaining the electrons.we used batteries, wires and Christmas lights. our challenge […]