Core Competent Canadians

what did you know about the core competencies before this activity?

I didn’t really know much about core competencies I just knew that we had to do them.

what did you learn from the activity?

The most important advantage of having core competencies is having a long term competitive advantage. These competencies help in bridging the gap between performance and opportunity, thus helping a company in being a potential leader in the industry. Core competencies also help in the development of core products core competencies are the collective learning of the organization, especially how to co-ordinate the diverse production skill and integrate multiple stream of technologies. A company, if it has identified its core competencies, will be capable of creating more value. Core competences must coalesce around individuals working in the organization. These people should recognize their effort in building and strengthening these core competencies

how can your knowledge of the core competencies help you in your school life? and personal life?

knowledge of the competencies can help you easily reflect on your school work in a way for everyone to easily access it on our blogs.

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