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this past week in socials we have been talking and learning about climate change and waste. we watched videos and looked at graphs. throughout this past week I ave learned many different things like how many animals die from our plastic waste. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that plastic debris kills 100,000 marine mammals, and millions of fish and seabirds, every year. in class we have been talking about the different impacts of climate change. 1 being Wild fires start uncontrollably/forest fires, flooding, snowing in march then next week sunny, sea level rise, hurricane, ice melting/glaciers melting, droughts, oil spills. out of all of these issues we can stop some of them like Plastic recycling, oil platforms, saving water all year round, pollution,  more online work (save paper), traffic jams, child’s playground (they were playing on an oil pump see-saw. we have also learned what pessimist/malthusians and Neo malthusians are

Pessimists/Malthusians: claimed that population would soon outstrip food supply, leading to famine, disease, and social disorder.

Neo Malthusians: predict that disaster will overtake populations in the world’s poorest developing countries in the next 50 years due to increasing global warming, shortages of arable, conflicts over fresh water, declining fish stocks, and the spread of AIDS or other disease.

Claims that migrations, technology, and new farming lands cannot solve the problems in these countries.



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  1. I’d still like to see more of what you think about these issues. Do you agree with Malthusians, Neo Malthusians or Cornucopians? Are you surprised by what we talked about with waste? Do you want to cut down on waste? Why do you think it is a problem?

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