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March 14, 2019



Alia is a 39-year-old married mother of three. She runs her own grocery store to help her husband in covering living expenses. She is a hard worker who has a good reputation among those in her region. She has succeeded in gaining loyal customers throughout the years. Today, Alia is acquiring a loan from Kiva’s field partner Al Majmoua in order to pay her medical surgery expenses. Alia wishes to expand her business in the future and open her own supermarket.This loan product is part of Al Majmoua’s efforts to help people in Lebanon who have medical expenses they can’t afford. Many Lebanese face challenges in covering health-related expenses, due to the relative high cost of medical care compared to household income in the country. With this product, borrowers can use their loan to cover any costs related to medical treatment or health care, whether for themselves or for a family member. By supporting this loan, you are helping people in Lebanon meet their health care needs. I don’t think that this would be risky because alia has 4/5 stars for her rating and she will be paying interest on top of what she is loaned. 

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