Journal response #2 Socials Reflection

Izabelle Domalanta 

Socials 10 

February 14, 2019

Journal response #2

Socials Reflection 

This last socials week was very informative about matters like laws being passed, and the how the government works. This past week has taught me how these things also affect everyone’s everyday lives and how they affect us . Basically the entire week was us listening and taking notes then having a class discussion at the end of every topic. One of the discussions was a fish bowl activity about the assigned questions which I thought was kind of weird because we would have everyone else’s input on what we have to say. It went okay, but was a little difficult having a true/regular discussion with my group because it was in more of a presentation setting. so I would like to get started with in-group discussions if possible because it is easier to bounce ideas and concepts off of people when you’re not pressured. I also like how we can sit with who ever we would like to for our table groups because it makes it easier to ask questions if needed, or just brainstorm topics we learn about in general.Other than that the work load is fair, but it would be nice to be given a little more class time for discussion questions. Over all the week went okay. I learned some new stuff that I can use to help me with my project. 

One thought on “Journal response #2 Socials Reflection

  1. What do you think about the things we learned? Does it create any opinions in you? Does it seem to be relevant to your life at all?

    I’ll try to work in more time to look into the discussions questions for next unit. We’ll also start doing the video discussions but be warned, I will mix up the groups every now and then.

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