journal response #1

Izabelle Domalanta 

Socials 10

February 6, 2019

Journal Response #1

What I have learned in socials 

This week in class we have talked about left wing vs. Right wing opinions and the differences between the 2. Right wing is conservative and independent – isn’t really for change likes to keep things the same. Left wing is progressive, all for change and making things better and community. With this information we were shown different political cartoons and we had to figure out whether or not they were right wing or left wing statements. We also talked about whether or not the artist and the art was left or right wing. Right wing vs left wing was like day 2 of class. Day 3 we talked about political ideologies. We talked about socialism, fascism, conservatism, liberalism, and communism. With the political ideologies we talked about how it effects up socially, politically and economically. We were put into groups and given a political ideology, my group got liberalism. For liberalism I learned that most economic decisions are made by a collective institution or organizations – securing the freedom of the individual by limiting the power of the government. I also learned which political ideologies are left winged and right winged . Liberalism was in the middle between the 2 because it really depends on what the problem or subject in hand that they are trying to fix. Day 4 and 5 we talked about civil disobedience, lobbying, pressure and what an interest group was. An interest group basically a group of people who convict the government to make changes. Last but not least day 6 which was today we talked about the differences between autocracy and democracy.  An autocracy is when one person rules over everyone and tells people what to do and a democracy is more the voice of the people. As you can see I have learned many new thing this past week in my socials class. My one wish for the class is that we do more hands on things and lecture notes because that is how I learn. Because in class I cant just sit there and listen to the teacher talk. I would also like things to be more specific when it comes to work because I like to know how much is enough and how much to do. But so far the class has been okay. 

One thought on “journal response #1

  1. Glad to hear that you feel you’re learning things. Do you think it has any connection to your personal life?
    We’ll be trying to do some more hands on things in the future but I can’t say that I’ll be promising a lot. I’m hoping you’ll learn more through conversations.
    You’ll have to get used to the lack of specific limits on assignments because I really don’t have them. A reflection’s length is totally up to you. But the more you think about it, the more valuable it will be.
    The notes you should take are things you think are important to understand. Remember that there is no test, but the project has topics and you could note things down so that you have something to refer back to when you’re working on your project.
    I’m trying to let you have more responsibility for your learning, that’s why I don’t give limits on how long your writing needs to be. If you want to take the time to really write about your thoughts, you can, if you don’t, you can too. But one way will help your learning more than the other way.

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