Core Competent Canadians

what did you know about the core competencies before this activity? I didn’t really know much about core competencies I just knew that we had to do them. what did you learn from the activity? The most important advantage of having core competencies is having a long term competitive advantage. These competencies help in bridging […]

socials reflection

this past week in socials we have been talking and learning about climate change and waste. we watched videos and looked at graphs. throughout this past week I ave learned many different things like how many animals die from our plastic waste. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that plastic debris kills […]

KIVA story

Izabelle domalanta  Socials 10 March 14, 2019 Kiva  Alia  Alia is a 39-year-old married mother of three. She runs her own grocery store to help her husband in covering living expenses. She is a hard worker who has a good reputation among those in her region. She has succeeded in gaining loyal customers throughout the […]

Journal response #2 Socials Reflection

Izabelle Domalanta  Socials 10  February 14, 2019 Journal response #2 Socials Reflection  This last socials week was very informative about matters like laws being passed, and the how the government works. This past week has taught me how these things also affect everyone’s everyday lives and how they affect us . Basically the entire week […]

penny lab

Penny Lab Template February 10, 2019 3:13 PM   PENNY LAB Purpose:   To determine how many drops of water fit on one side of a penny. Hypothesis: (Use an if-then-because statement for your hypothesis) If the soap is added onto the penny, the strength of the surface tension will weaken because mixing the hydrogen and […]