English 10

English 10 sway

It was a Thursday right after b block it was lunch at the time. My friend approaches my with a shine of hope in his eyes he ask be do you want to come with me to my cabin this weekend without a doubt I say yes. For the rest of the lunch I ask questions about his cabin. Its Friday after school the next day my friend and I get to his house we eat and get ready to leave for the ferry. As we wait in the line for the ferry. about 12:00 both of us were pretty tired but we decided to help out with the unpacking of the food and other things, once all of the stuff that we broth was put inside we decided to have some dinner then go to bed. while trying to sleep all I here is the calming sound of the water oh the lake right beside the cabin and the crickets in the grass.the next morning my friend and I woke up extra early to go swimming and have fun on the water trampoline. after about two hours of swimming and having fun on the trampoline. once we got back food was ready after having breakfast we decided to play some golf. after getting all the equipment we shortly realized that we don’t have any water proof golf balls. so¬†we went over to his uncles cabin right next door and asked if we could borrow some it worked out an we started to play. how this works was that we would have a hoopla hoop floating in the water and we have to fit the balls in it and we have five chances to get it in and when we are done we get in canoes and collect the balls and we did this till dinner and the winner got the extra slice of pie. after are game was done it was time for dinner and then we watched a few movies and fell asleep to them. the next morning was the day we were leaving it was Sunday now and we had are last day of school the next day. on the long road back I thought of all the great times we had and couldn’t wait till the next time I went up with him probably one of he best weekends of my life.