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math 10 week 15

this week in math 10 I learned There are three different forms to put slope and y-intercept into

Slope intercept

y = 6x – 10


0 = 16x – y – 7

Point Form

2(x-0) = y – 19

week 14 math 10

this week in math 10 I learned about the rise over run and how the work that rise will always be on top and run will always be on the bottom an then this will equal the slope.

math 10 week 13

This week in math 10 we learned about inputs and outputs.


Ex. F(x)=2(x)+15




When you input the number 3, the output becomes the number 21.

math 10 week 11

For factoring and polynomials, Foil makes it easier because we use it in science as well.

First, Outside, inside, last

(5x – 5) (x+ 6)


5x^2 +30x – 35

math10 week10

This week i learned how to use algebra tiles to solve expansions. To use this method you put the first two terms on top of the box and the second two on the side, You then multiply.

math 10 week 9

This week in math 10 we worked with polynomials and expanding them. There are different methods you can use when multiplying binomials such as using the claw, area models and illustrating algebra tile diagrams. At first, I enjoyed using Algebra tile diagrams but now, I find the claw strategy much more efficient.

math 10 week 8

this week in math 10 I learned a trick to help me with Iscoceles triangles and the trick is when you have the triangle you have to “slice it in half” by drawing a line down the middle and it helps me because it helps determine a hypotenuse and the other sides

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