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whats in my junk food

sweet chilly heat Doritos are one of my favorite chips cause all around the taste is great. when I usually get a bag of sweet chilly heat it will be gone in less than an hour. there easy access and really good and there are a lot of them in the bag so they are really good.

Doritos have genetically modified ingredients in them and the problem with this is that the ingredients all so they used chemicals and other thing to either make them grow faster of grow in a larger size.
another thing Doritos have is artificial colors and these can lead to cancer and hyperactivity an both these are bad.

chili cook off

while I was not here for the full time that the lab took to finish I was here for enough of it to say I enjoyed it and thought it was fun to do. in the end when it came down to when I got to have some of the chili that my group and I made in my opinion I think it turned out pretty good I liked it a lot. some of the tings that helped make the chili taste good is the mixture of the sweet and hot. in the end I think my group did good even thought this was the first lab that we did together. overall for the first label that my group and I did I think it went well and it turned out great in the end the only thing I would change if this were to happen again is that I would try to be here for the whole lab next time instead of only half of it so then I could have helped my group more with the decision.

stretch the kitchen

Chocolate brownies
12 servings
½ cup butter= approx 120 ml
1 1/2 cups brown sugar = approx 355 ml
½ tablespoon vanilia extract = approx 7.5 ml
2 eggs
3/4 cups whole wheat flour = approx 180 ml
½ cups cocoa powder = approx 120 ml
½ teaspoon salt =approx 2.5 ml
½ cups semi sweet chocolate chips = approx 120 ml
preheat oven to 350 degrees f
Mix the sugar, the melted butter, and the vanilia together in a bowl
add in one egg at a time while continuing mixing
in a seperate bowl, sift cocoa powder, flour, and salt
sift flour mixture into egg mixture
Stir to combine
spoon the batter evenly into cupcake liners
bake 35 minutes

for this project my group and I decided to make brownies. the two adjustments to the recipe that we did were that we changed the white sugar to brow sugar and the all purpose flour to hole wheat flower.

take home lab #2

pasrt 1
Rice pudding
A rice based dish that is sweet and usually has fruit in it

Butter chicken
A Indian dish that has chicken, rice, spices usually comes with a type of bread called nan bread

Chicken noodle soup
Had usually for lunch fast and simple dish tastes good
part 2/3

butter chicken recipe

2 pounds of chicken breast
90ml of butter
1 yellow onion
3 cloves of garlic
15ml of garam masala
15ml of grated ginger
5ml of chili powder
5ml of ground cumin
2 1/2 ml of cayenne pepper
375ml of tomato sauce
500ml of cream
then anything you would like to garnish with

chocolate pudding/fondue

1.the reason I chose to reflect on this lab was because I found this lab unjoyful and I tasted really good.
2. yes I enjoyed this lab for the reasons that every one knew what they were doing.
3. are pudding fondue turned out good it tasted really good especially with the fruit.
4. in this lab I think my group and I worked very well on this lab.
5. if I were to do this lab again I would want to add more fruit and maybe some different fruit because the fruit we had was nice but not my favorite.

salad rolls

1. I very much enjoyed this lab I liked the rolls they were good but the sauce wasn’t m favorite but other than that I liked the lab.
3. deep frying food increases the fat content in that food which the fat that it increases is not the fat that our body need this is one of the main reasons deep frying is so bad for you cause of the increase of fat.

foods 10 lab reflecton



      The lab that I chose to reflect on is the scones lab because there were some flays That happened and some positives that came out of it. Yes, I enjoyed this lap cause I really like scones and because there were two different types also so I liked are project didn’t turn out as well as our group hoped it came out burned and the outside didn’t taste the best but the inside tasted great. Our group worked very productive on this lab and got everything done within the time we had and there were no issues. If we were going to do this lab again I would get an oven with a light on it or I would check on the food more often so it wouldn’t get burnt.

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