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  1. Do you think that governments today should be held responsible for decisions and actions taken by previous governments? 


No they should not be help responsible for what other people have done in there time of rule but this dose not go to say they shouldt do anything about it at all cause yes they them selves are not responsible but should do something to show that they care or even aknolage what there protosessers have done wrong.  


  1. Write a three paragraph response to the above question.  Your first paragraph should focus on the main arguments from one point of view, the second on arguments from the other and your final paragraph stating your position on the issue. 


Yes they ar eat fault cause things today still have some of these things going around like people still get called thingd and people still get miss treated but the government just stands there and watches but on the other hand So if you say yes they should be held responsible for what there protosessers have done then why the goverments today have not done those things to why should they be to blame for something that they a have never done In there life so there is two sides me personally im with its not there fault cause they have tried to learn from what there protosessers have done and moved away frm there ways.  

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