Chemical Reactions Analogy Blog Post


Molecules move around and collide when temperature is higher. Analogy- When it is colder outside not many people are out moving around, but when it is hotter out people will go outside and get active and they will be moving around, which means more collisions will happen with others.


More concentration means more collisions, concentration is the amount. Analogy- More cars drive during traffic hour which means during this time there will be more collisions and car crashes.

Surface area

Is when molecules go on to the outside of an object then goes onto the other layers of the object and then makes it way into the middle. Analogy- In the amazing race the people, which are the molecules, enter the race, which means they are attracting onto the outside, and then run the race until they get to the finish line, which is the middle of an object.


These speed up reactions by finding two to match up. It’s like a shortcut. Analogy- For certain iPhone games, you can pay money to upgrade certain things in the game.

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